Day 321. The Meal One.

So. Many of us have been part of an experience where a group of friends and family band together to bring meals in support of another. Sometimes its the birth of a child, or a new home, but more often its sad experiences such as serious illness, death or another tragedy.  Sadly, I've been on both sides of this equation and  have seen the craziness that comes with this type of project. Be it, calling or emailing 15 different people 100 times (or more!) or ending up with someone not knowing if they got their "requested date" or ending up with four nights in a row of lasagne - the possibilities for confusion and tons of busy work are endless. Not to mention that in today's world, often our support structures are spread far and wide - sometimes even around the world.

Well - in the past 24 hours, we find ourselves once again in a situation that we were faced with offering support the only way we knew how - by offering the gift of food and love. It just so happened, that one very very smart friend within the circle of friends knew of this site: www.takethemameal.com. Much like Caring Bridge (and Facebook!) have eased the pain of having to communicate difficult news to a broad base, Take Them a Meal provides a way to coordinate taking of meals to someone needing support - it offers tips and tools to schedule meals for someone, recipe suggestions and even (for some geographic areas) the ability to order a meal directly from them to be sent to the recipient.

The idea is obvious once you see it in action - but genius because once you see it, you recognize how helpful it is and its one of those things where you can't believe noone thought of it earlier. You also (if you're me) can believe you didn't already know about this. So thus, this blog. I hope to spread the word about this great site. So far, I cannot find out exactly who is behind this service other than the friendly looking woman on the page and this About Us information. But I've sent them a note letting them know this post is coming.

Again, if you haven't been in this type of situation before, this post may sound silly, but, if you have - I'm sure you immediately recognize that this is one of those lovely instances where technology is truly being put to use to make people's lives better and easier, and in situations like this, allows all the people involved to focus on providing care - not on scheduling, coordinating, stressing and forgetting someone.

To the "Take Them A Meal" team - I say thank you. You are providing an invaluable service to so many.