I'm still here...

So - just wanted to say, I'm definitely still here and intending to finish this THIS YEAR if not in the next few months. But it seems, my "good stuff" radar is out of whack...or at the very least out of practice. So, I'll keep lookin' for good people to tell you about, it may just take me a bit because I seem to be quite a bit more discerning these days :)


Day 308. The Losing One.

Obviously, if you know me, you know I love sports. And, yes, I am one of those cheesy people who thinks that sports can be a great way to learn what you value, what you should value, and the importance of team, cooperation, loyalty, etc. I have found sadness in a trend that shows up more and more frequently in sports and that is "the blame game". I hate post-game discussions - I'm so sick of "if only..." or "if he would have..." or "blame the refs/umpire/coach..." If we aren't willing to accept that we aren't always right, or aren't always the best, then we miss the lesson that life was trying to teach us.

So what's my point?

When asked if I had a pick for the Super Bowl my answer was "I don't really care." Ultimately, for my Brown's heritage, my Buckeye allegiance (more on the Packers) and my desire to stick it to Brett Favre ;), I was coming down on the side of Green Bay. But ultimately I found myself always saying..."I just want a really good game...but I must say I do really like Mike Tomlin".

Mike Tomlin's team lost the game.

But Mike showed countless examples of class on Sunday night...I found myself nodding along to his post game interview - not because I took joy in his defeat, but because of how gracefully he remained fiercely loyal to his team, took on the ownership of his mistakes, and how brilliantly he offered acknowledgement of Green Bay's victory as deserved and earned - all without taking an ounce away from his team.

Many pundits may take aim at a lot of what he said and read meaning that may or may not be there, and trust me, if I was really REALLY passionate about either of these teams, its possible I would too. But - I challenge you to consider if, after reaching the doorstep of a goal you have fought for for every second of 365 days - if not longer - you fail - and you fail with millions watching that you could handle things in the manner Tomlin did:

No blame, no shirking of responsibility, no pointing fingers. Class.

And if football alone isn't really your bag, well Tomlin is just as classy as a pure "person". Check it:

Steeler fan or not, football fan or not, sports fan or not, I can guarantee, that if I was going in to a situation where I needed someone who would have my back, Mike Tomlin would definitely be a contender.


Day 307. The Girlfriend One.

Ok. Sometimes you have to take the hints of the universe. As many of you know, I love the show CBS Sunday Morning. Now that I've started this blog back up, starting about three weeks ago, a story I had seen a while back on the show came back to haunt me - it was a story about Alzheimers. It was just sitting there, in the back of my mind, needling at me.

Then, last week, the episode of Grey's Anatomy (don't judge...I love the show) had an Alzheimer's story line. I was very moved by that story and I really wanted to honor the story of those who stand by and support their loved one's struggling with a god-awful disease. But I can't write about a television character can I, and, I'm currently "lucky" enough to not know someone directly who's been in this situation.

So then this weekend, I was catching up on my DVR and the episode of CBS Sunday Morning from, wait for it - about three weeks ago - was sitting there so I said, huh, I'll watch that. And, wouldn't you know, nestled in among new features was a replay of the story that had been sitting in my head for a few weeks. The dots were connected - there are (far too many) real people who do personify the story that Grey's just happened to share. I couldn't believe that the story I had been so affected by was re-run on that very week when there was a story that I wanted to tell.

So, here's the story. I've linked it below both the video and print version. I recommend the video version. And I don't want to give too much away before you watch/ read it. But this post is to honor one Mary Nell.

These are not new sentiments that I share with you, many have talked about this far more eloquently than I, but the pain that comes along with losing one's loved one in real time to an enemy like Alzheimer's is completely unimaginable to me. When faced with this pain - the strength that one must then possess to stay. To simply stay - to suffer through the pain to give someone what they need even when they don't even know who you are is something shockingly special and bittersweet. Mary is a unique person in this story and the strength she possesses and the "new normal" she has defined for herself and those in her life truly deserves our recognition. Don't know if I could handle what Mary does, she's one amazing person. Please watch/read below:

Jan's Story (VIDEO)

Jan's Story (PRINT)