Day 192. The Fan One.

To all who were involved in this...while I am proving myself wrong by not recognizing Ryan while he was alive, there were many who did. Coaches and management of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Detroit Red Wings, fans, local celebrities, and others all knew how special this young man is. We saw him at games - we wished him well...the point is to make someone's life rich and full while they are with us.

Ryan is awesome.

Jackets Make Fan One of Their Own


Day 191. The Artist One.

This past Sunday, I went with friends to view a local exhibit of our friend, Michael May. I have only followed Mike's art for a short time but I always find myself taking real time to take it in and it always forces me to ponder and ask questions...

Mike left his recent focus of cows (and I love love love the cows - still saving my pennies for a print or two) to focus now on teeth...and Mike talks about this more in his "Artist Statement". I hadn't read his most recent statement before seeing Sunday's show and I ended up asking him about it...and here's what I was to recognize in Michael: his mind. The artist's mind is an amazing, amazing thing. As Michael talked more about the current focus of his work and the mental journey he took to come to this visual expression of so many different thoughts and ideas I, without exaggeration, was in total awe.

I mention artists quite a bit on this blog - I admit to being fascinated with them. It continues to amaze me how they think and how they see the world and then show it back to us. Mike is no exception. A few comments on Sunday have stuck with me since we left and I echo them here today, first of, "thank you Mike for sharing your art with us" and "the world needs to appreciate how important artists are more". Someday...some day...I'll have a Michael May original in my house (if only Lisa and Michele can help me figure out where to put it! ;) )


Day 190. The Believing One.

If you've been around this blog for a while, you know my deep affection for the NPR program "This I Believe". This past weekend's airing of the show was the final time that the show will air. Lucky for ALL of us, this show will continue both in its web presence and in its podcast format. I don't know why programming decisions are always made, but I wanted to take a second to recognize Jay Allison and executive producer Dan Gediman who has been the producer of this show since its first on-air broadcast back in April of 2005 based on an original concept by Edward R. Murrow.

The concept is simple. Essays are solicited from anyone and everyone to state "what they believe". In the relatively short time that I've been following this show essays have been about everything from favorite foods to very significant philosophical and moral issues. Stories of love, war, heartbreak, family have all been shared on air. Thousands more still sit in the online archives for you to browse to your hearts content.

The concept has even been turned into a curriculum or a required annual activity in some schools (in fact, almost a third of ALL essays are submitted by students!). While I don't know Jay (or Dan), I stand in awe of their experience and their wisdom. The gift of reading these essays alone is something to admire; however, I also have come to find the delicate touch with which essays are selected is truly amazing. No two weeks are the same, the balance is always there, and each is always edited and presented just so.

I also comment Jay (and Dan) for producing this concept in the first place. When I began to listen to this show, I, at first, found it a cool way to here a direct vox populi and a source of reflection and inspiration. But I have now found it to be so much more...over every intro I find myself saying "what DO I believe?!?!" Can YOU answer that question? I think that the posing of this question has become the real value of the show...no matter if what you think is good, bad or ugly, its what YOU believe, and its hard work figuring that out.

I continue to be amazed at how hard a question it is to figure out what you believe. And, as Jay says, the reason this concept and this show have been sustained is because, even with the advent of facebook, twitter, blogs (ahem, hello pot this is kettle) this show is something that carries the weight of "lasting". Its not a toss of, its not just asking people walking down the street "what do you believe" its asking them to think about it, and write it down, for keeps.

As Jay said as he reflected on what this show has taught him, its taught him, and me, that we as humans carry an array of beliefs - each show says a lot about us and about what drives and inspires us - and that, as humans, people are more tied together than divided. In asking a simple question, Jay and his show have, for four years, proven the value of thinking, and pondering, and molding and deciding what it is each of us believes. I'm still working on figuring it out for myself complete, but I do believe in this show, and in the fantastic work that Jay and Dan have yielded in sharing this all with us.


Day 189. The Silent One.

This is the first Spring in a very long time that I have not been busy up to my eyeballs with an annual event that happens here in Columbus. Without really being conscious of it, my life sure has changed a lot during this Spring months, but what I had done was fill the time with all this other stuff I had to do. "A body in motion tends to stay in motion" and all that...

So - two weeks ago, because my husband finally convinced me to get a new TV (the one we had in our room was his first TV from right after college) we gave our TV away to a friend who suddenly needed one and more time passed than we had expected before the new one came. The first day was the hardest - no evening news to fall asleep to...no slowly waking up very early to the headlines...but then, something weird happened. I rediscovered the beauty of silence. Its been a long time since I've been in total complete silence. Its actually made me crave it - and quite frankly, right at this moment, I have absolutely no idea about some of these news headlines that are happening (apparently pigs have the flu?)

Today I am thankful for my friend B who asked for my TV and reminded me that I was happy to help a friend out in need, that material things are just that, and that silence is amazing. The amount of silence right now is allowing some pretty cool stuff to fill in...


Week 34. Reflections.

Well - I'm just sharing this to be filed under "when really cool stuff happens". This past weekend I spent in Nashville, TN with some of my very favorite people in the world, who, not so shockingly have all appeared here in my blog before ;). We were specifically staying with the parents of my friend Jessica and her parents, Tom and Shelley.

Now I love these folks dearly and we were all so excited to get together again that Jess, her hubby, Stephen and I and our friends Andrea and Jason were willing to take a 6:30 AM flight to head on down to Nashville for some fun. When we got to Tom and Shelley's we were quite a bit giddy from the excitement and lack of sleep and one of the fun things we all started doing was looking at all the photos that were around from Jess and Brad's recent wedding. I was commenting on how gorgeous the photos were - and seriously, these are some of the best wedding pics I've ever seen - when all of a sudden I think I may have literally screamed. Tom and Shelley had printed out the posts I had done of them and of Jessica were re-typed, printed out and framed in places of honor right next to two frames full of wedding pictures.

All I can say is that, to this very moment, I still can't describe how this has made me feel. I was instantly embarrassed, overwhelmed, touched and honored. I'm humbled to think that my little musings were important enough to make it on to someone's WALL, for goodness sake. Its amazing to think that every now and then a post about someone good brings happiness to that person's life. Now more than ever, I am remembering to take the time to say the good things as well as I can and to let the person know. Thanks again, Tom and Shelley - not only for being you but for reminding me what this project is trying to be all about.


Day 186-188. The Cousin Ones.

I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I thought I would write another post about a couple of people...and given my last post, I thought I would stay in the family vein.

I am the oldest of 9 cousins, and an only child, so when that first cousin was born it was as close to having a sibling as I was going to get. I really enjoyed watching all those other people grow up - getting to baby sit them when they were very young, reading with them, picking apples, playing on the swings...all the things that kids do. But then, the last few times we all spent as an entire family I was in college with no other kids that close to my age and the relationships were more based on past memories and obligatory relationships than the realness of a true connection.

A few years went by when my grandparents passed away when family get togethers were much more rare, we more just saw parts and pieces of the family based on quick meetings versus entire holidays etc. But then, thankfully, we've gotten back into our pattern of seeing each other at least a few times a year as one, big, family unit. Whether its weddings, or holidays or "hey we're driving through your part of the country" we're blessed to spend more time together again.

Its with these renewed visits that I can marvel at 3 of my cousins in particular. Now, of course, all my cousins are fantastic people, each with their own unique story, but, the three that are siblings: David Jr., Justin and Kristen have really stuck in my mind lately. Each is forging a path in their lives that is uniquely theirs. They all three aren't even in the same state as one another right now and yet, as I interact with them and watch them interact with each other (Facebook is a great great thing!) I am constantly impressed with them. They support each other, know what's going on in each others' lives, help each other out - sometimes in rather spectacular ways - and always show that they love each other.

These three go through good and bad times and always manage to depend on, and reinforce the bond that can exist in a family. I take great comfort in knowing that they will all be there for each other in a truly completely supportive way. I know that their lives will always include their family and that they will always love and laugh together. "Family is the most important thing" is an oft used colloquialism - but my lovely cousins prove it. I am honored to be part of their family.


Day 185. The Sister One.

Perhaps its in my nature or personal aspirations, but there's something really appealing to me about people who are able to take even a small moment out of their day to consider the needs of others...

I will need to keep this vague to not reveal a surprise, but I would like to honor a woman who's looking out for her sister today. Its quite a gift to have friends who know where your support structure lies and call upon them when needed, and that is what this person has done. I'm seeing these calls be answered readily which just shows that this person knew what she was doing.

You know who you are, because I've told you this post is about you, but, know that it is beyond amazing that you are not only thinking about your sibling but that you are taking the time to do something that you know she needs.


Day 185. The Supportive One.

On Saturday, I was downtown, watching the hockey game (I promise this post is NOT about hockey! LOL) and part of the reason my friend Anna and I head out to watch away games is that we are promoting a project that we are working on. I will not talk a lot about it here, other than to say it is simply a fundraising event and if you'd like more info please visit us here.

Anyway, I was wearing some bunny ears to promote our mission and a cute young girl, Renee, came up to ask why I was wearing bunny ears. Now, first of all, Renee deserves major props for straight out coming up and asking me what I was doing wearing crazy pink bunny ears. (Other people were not so straightforward, polite or kind) But, Renee came over and we began a conversation about what we were doing, the point of our event, why the cause is important and so on. As our conversation wound down, I offered her one of our little fliers that we hand out with the basics of our project - she asked for more to hand out on our behalf. That alone was really sweet - you never know the rate of return when you do mass distribution of a message.

But, you can imagine my surprise, when, Sunday, I received a text from Renee saying she had handed out all the fliers I gave her and could I send her more info. Well, I was floored. You never know when you engage in conversation with someone - particularly at a party or other social event - whether you are really getting somewhere and making a genuine connection or if its just lip service. With Renee clearly it was the former. I consider it a gift that we ran into each other and I am beyond appreciative for her support that just came out of nowhere.


Day 184. The GM One.

I know we've been a bit heavy on they hockey posts lately, and while this one is not directly related, the topic does come up, so consider yourself warned.

I'm working on a project that involves hockey, and a group of folks got together last night to start our planning in earnest. We went to Chammps (the Lennox location for you central Ohioans). As we were meeting, we noticed that they had a very cool promo poster for the Blue Jackets being in the Stanley Cup playoffs promoting the "March On" tagline that's been developed. There were a few posters sitting on one of the counters and as I was (yes, I'll be honest) debating swiping them for us a staff member came over and asked if I needed help. So I asked if I could have the posters, the staff person went and got the GM.

Well the GM came over and when I asked about the posters, he was enthusiastic and said oh not these, one is dirty, I have a ton in the back, let me go grab some. Me, pushing my luck, asked if I could have 6 - one for everyone in our party. He said he'd check and come back to our table.

Not only did we get posters, but we got t-shirts with the "March On" tagline. The GM stopped by our table a few times throughout the night, we swapped hockey fan stories, he even brought us more posters to take home. At the end of the night, we even each got a discount on our bills.

Its cool to meet fellow enthusiasts of any personal passion, but our friend at Chammps went above and beyond. It was so nice of him to share all the swag with us and we left really feeling like we had a new friend.

Chammps hosts viewing parties for all the playoff games, and they have really nice staff across the board. If you are a hockey fan, or a sports fan of any kind, and you live in central Ohio, head on over to Chammps at Lennox. They've got the best darn GM around :)

Let's Go Jackets!


Day 183. The Mother in Law One.

"Mother in Law" is such a cliche. I'm lucky because when I got one - I got a great one. She's staying with us tonight - after driving 8 hours by herself - and then she'll head to my sister-in-law's house in Indiana (another 4 hours in the car) for a week before reversing the whole process on her way home.

My in-laws live in a very small town in northeastern Pennsylvania called "Hawley" and while we try and go out there for visits, we never make it as much as we want to or as much as we should. We blame the difficulty in getting there, or not having the time, or goodness knows what. But my mother-in-law, without fail, always comes out to see all of us at least 2-3 times a year.

I've come to be friends with my MIL - tonight we had a great time - she made my very favorite dish of hers (eggplant parm. for those of you keeping track at home), and the we just hung out watching silly shows on tv and chatting about what's going on. Its in these discussions of "nothing" that our relationship grows.

I could tell you many amazing things about my MIL, like that she raised three wonderful kids, all born one year apart while helping run a resort, or that she can bake just about anything, or that she is a great grandmother, but as another one of our short visits comes to an end, and I realize how ridiculous it is that we don't stay in touch more, I just wanted to call her out for being a cool person - and for proving that the negative stereotype of a "mother-in-law" is a cliche that should be retired, at least as best as I can see.


Day 182. The Waiting One.

Waiting stinks. Waiting for anything stinks. There was a whole lotta waiting around Columbus lately...as I have mentioned, the Columbus Blue Jackets made it into the NHL Playoffs for the first time in franchise history (THAT was a long 9 years) and then, all over the city this past Saturday, people got up early and went to wait at various TicketMaster outlets to hopefully get one of the remaining 1200 playoff tickets that were up for grabs.

Well, I did not go thankfully (a contact of Stephen's thankfully had already hooked us up) but from all angles the process sounds like it was an unmitigated disaster. It sounds like no matter where you were - the local grocery, "The Blue Line" (the official Blue Jackets merchandise store) or online most folks went away unhappy and frustrated with the process. The person I would like to highlight I don't even know - but he deserves some sort of something...

There is a "Blue Line" store in a shopping mall right near us. When Stephen and I went to get some playoff stuff the person manning the store told us what had happened: people had started showing up VERY early - by 8 AM there were over 200 people there (this is hockey in central Ohio, people, that's a lot of people) but the mall security refused to let folks down near the store so they all had to collect in the Panera that was upstairs. At 5 till 9 (tickets went on sale at 9) the security finally let people go which resulted in a mad dash from stairs, elevators and escalators down into the store. The few meager tickets people could get were gone in seconds and the very first person to arrive at the mall that day, an older man, didn't have the physical strength to fight the rush downstairs to get any sort of standing in the "real" line and ended up, almost literally, last. He left without tickets.

I'm the kinda person who gets so frustrated when folks aren't rewarded for their efforts - be in good performance at a job, or going through the trouble to get up super early on a weekend with the hope of getting a ticket to the first ever hockey playoff game in Columbus. My heart breaks for this man...if I had any clue how to get in touch with him, I think I might just give him one of our tickets - but he deserves recoginition and credit - because he waited - he waited for the playoffs to come to Columbus and he waited, without promise, to try to get a ticket. He's a real fan - it would seem he's supported the team for a while and hopefully he can be proud of his team's accomplishments and whatever it is he wants next, I hope he doesn't have to wait too long.


Week 32. Reflections.

Today is Easter. In the Christian tradition, this is the day marked to celebrate the resurrection of Christ after he was crucified. This holiday has also become intertwined with the pagan traditions of celebrating spring and using the symbols of eggs, rabbits and then came the tradition of humans to attach candy and chocolate to any celebration.

For me, I do believe in the Christian meaning of today, but regardless of your personal faith, many associate feelings of forgiveness and rebirth with this holiday. Nowadays, I'm always on the search to find the good in others and to continue to try and get more good within myself, so, why not use a holiday that supports that goal to reflect on how we're all doing...in the spirit of Easter, consider today a today to go out and do something nice for someone - perhaps its forgiveness, perhaps its a random act of kindness. Perhaps you're just a bunny of joy for someone today, perhaps much more.

Happy Easter!


Day 181. The Never Met Before Ones.

Last night, with Spring in the air, Stephen and I were itching to get out and eat something light on a patio somewhere...we ended up at one of our favorite restaurants where we know most of the people who work there. As we were eating, to other guys D & J came in as well and ended up sitting next to us at the bar.

D & J turned out to be regulars also, and within 5 minutes we were all joking back and forth, interjecting in each others conversations, and also respecting when the conversation turned to something that we shouldn't interrupt. We had a really fun time - we laughed a lot, we learned a bit more about each other, and we talked about a whole bunch of different stuff.

I realized you can never underestimate the gift of just being friendly. D & J really made our evening fun, and we got to meet new people from a different walk of life who we probably never would have crossed paths with otherwise. Its often so very easy to stay wrapped up in one's little world, I admire the strength of character to reach out to others who you've never even met before. When it turns out to be as fun as last night was, well that just heightens the reward of meeting new people. D & J are now folks I know I can always have fun with if I see them around, and D & J, yes, I will always tell you my real age, and yes, you should hire me! LOL


Day 180. The Bar Ones.

Last night it was very exciting in Columbus, Ohio. For the first time in franchise history, the Columbus Blue Jackets made the NHL playoffs. For those of us who've been following the team its an achievement that has been a long time coming...and for those still discovering the fun of NHL hockey, its a great step forward in building local support and excitement. Columbus has long been a college football town and to introduce another team, let alone another sport, has been challenging at times, but today, I'd like to share some folks who are doing a great part in getting the city excited.

The local "hockey bar" is down in our Arena District, and its called "R Bar". As advertised, the bar is "owned by three hockey fans" and it shows. The bar has TV's all around to, of course, show the hockey games. They highlight bits of hockey tradition in their decor and offerings (Canadian beers are always a drink special). They've created a culture of hockey brotherhood in the bar: our "jason" (the hockey mask wearing semi-celeb) shows up there, folks are all in hockey gear, and you see people expressing their fandom in all sorts of fun and creative ways. To keep their business lean, they don't serve food, but allow you to bring in any food you would like - heck, you can even have pizza delivered to you in the bar. They are sure to have access for safe transportation home should you need it, and they are ever diligent about maintaining a safe and legal bar (much to Anna's and my pleasure, they ask to check our ID ;) )

My point is not to highlight just "any bar", or to say "go out and drink" but to really commend these guys because they have made being a hockey fan cool at their establishment. That goes a long way in building support for a burgeoning team.Instead of feeling like you are in any old bar, at R Bar you really feel like you are with your hockey loving friends. Whether or not I'm going to have a drink, R Bar is a great place to feed that pre-game excitement and an even better place to all get together when watching the team for an away game.

Its easy to jump on a bandwagon when something is popular or when a team is winning, R Bar has been supporting the Columbus Blue Jackets since before it was cool. They've made a place that's more about community, fandom and support than gimmicks, fancy drinks or food, or simply being hip. As the Jackets start their first playoff season ever, I'll be at R Bar to watch our team play and I'll be having a great time at the hockey bar in Columbus.


Day 179. The Good News One.

So! This is one of those posts that's been sitting in my hopper for a while. And, I shall reveal all at the end, but one of the major reasons was because I want to really do this one justice.

When you're trying to focus on the good in people, and then you find someone else who is on a similar journey to find the positive, its almost like greeting a long lost loved one, or finding a sibling you never had. Your soul feels a little bit brighter, your focus sharpens once again on what you are trying to do, and you have instant admiration for your fellow "good seeker".

I found this person via my dear friend Soren, and boy am I glad I did. Jeanne Huff tells her personal story better than I can in the initial entry in her "First, the Good News" project. Since then, Jeanne has faithfully documented the good that people, organizations, governments (yeah, who knew ;) ) are doing. I mean, really, look at some of these entries - they are step by step instructions on how to make your life better!

While many of her examples are often local, what I particularly enjoy is that even the local efforts that she shares are presented in a way to inspire you. Her stories often compel me to want to head out to Boise and see these great things she shares. (Hey, Boise Chamber of Commerce, pay attention to one of your best advocates!!!)

I also like to imagine that readers of Jeanne's blog feel the motivation to replicate some of the acts that she shares with us in her entries. In a way, its a tip sheet "to make the world a better place".

I find Jeanne to be a very talented writer and a thoughful blogger. And here's the hidden reason for some of my timing of this entry...I was honored last week to become one of Jeanne's subjects. I must be honest and tell you that when I got the email that started our "interview" it was like the best Christmas ever. But I didn't want to post this entry right away so that you all can focus on "Good News" other than little ol' me ;)

So, please, now that my entry is buried a bit, please do take time to puruse "First, the Good News". The name says so much, let's take time to make the "good news" first in our readers, minds, hearts and actions. Jeanne - I love what you are doing and I have the highest respect for you. I was beyond honored and humbled to be part of your project and know that you have inspired me - and others - through your work!


Day 178. The Bagel One.

This post is NOT about Bagels. Well, unless you want me to point out that I will still do almost anything for an H&H blueberry bagel, toasted, with butter, but I digress...

This post is about "Bagel Tech News". What's Bagel Tech News? Well, its an incredibly balanced delivery of "tech stories, consumer stories and interest in technology". Bagel Tech is on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Internet, and on iTunes. I found it first because a friend of mine, Mel, recommended it as a good quick listen to keep up with the latest in tech. I started downloading the podcasts and found them to be, exactly as promised: informative, fast and easy to consume on a daily basis.

I really started to look forward to these little shows - and I appreciated the world view on things - learning a bit more about how technology is (or sometimes isn't!) able to break new ground or make incredible things happen. I also really enjoyed the fact that, without being overwhelming, I would keep hearing from the Bagel Tech team on a regular basis in different ways through all the different media spaces they play in. I had just found them on Twitter (secretly kicking myself for not looking there earlier) and was expecting the usual tweets of news tidbits, healthy PR and all things "Bagel Tech". Well...then came the part that sealed the deal as far as posting about these guys...

So first, Bagel Tech News followed me back on Twitter. This to me is always the mark of someone who "gets it". Don't just put yourself out there just to build a follower base of 10's of thousands of twitter-ites - Twitter is about the relationships, people. And then, would you believe it, through a series of tweets yesterday, I chatted with Bagel Tech about, of all things, Knitting. I'm always impressed when someone I admire starts seeing what I'm up to on Twitter, and further still to take the time to interact. And, don't even get me started on the amount of knitting knowledge that was joked about (rather brilliantly, I might add).

Bagel Tech always had my respect and following for their content alone. Now, I know that the guys behind this are super cool and the kind of people I'd like to hang out with. So, if you aren't already, search out "Bagel Tech News" on whatever networking site you like - I bet they are there, I bet you'll learn something, and I bet, you too, will instantly like not just the content, but the people behind it.

Week 31. Reflections.

Yes, Dave T., my new friend...that last post WAS about you! :)


Day 177. The Random Ones.

I am always pleasantly surprised that people are reading this little project of mine. I know the blog isn't as technologically advanced as it could be (read: rather wordy) and I always figured this was just my little journey. Its been a little gift to me every time I check the stats and see visits from crazy places and an even more precious occurrence when someone leaves a comment.

Recently, I've gotten a couple comments from people that I have never met...Devon, and Dave (each independently). Both comments have been not only exciting to get but also chock-a-block full of kind words and some really good ideas about directions to take this project as well as other cool content to highlight.

People who are constantly seeking out new knowledge are the kind of people I want to associate with...and people who, have the strength of character to start connecting no matter how much or how little they know someone always get my instant respect.

So, Devon and Dave - thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and thank you for your comments. Know that you brightened my day and have given more to my life and to this project.


Day 176. The ID One.

Last night my good friend, Jess, took me to a restaurant - which, coincidentally has some of the best Thai food I've ever had - called the Thai Orchid. We had a great girls' night together and a lovely server who made our day first by asking to see our ID's when we each ordered a glass of wine (I'm waaaay away from 21, so understand this now thrills me, people!)

But then our server did something else that I really appreciate and that made me smile. I am one of those people who can get all neurotic about identity theft. It still surprises me sometimes how easily we put information out there these days (myself included) such as credit card numbers, ANYWAY - one thing I always do is write "Check ID" on the back of my credit cards. Its silly, I know, but it makes me feel better (as if someone is really going to take my card and copy my signature OR they couldn't just use it on the internet or phone anyway :) )

So, our sweet server T., took my card when I was paying for my dinner, rang it through, but then, on coming back to the table, ever so sweetly, said, "may I please see your ID?" and took the time to look at the names, match them, and then look at me and look at the photo. Even though we all know the charge was already put against my account, I appreciated so much that she even looked at the back of my card and honored my request to do what she could to make sure it was me using my own card.

So cheers to T and to the Thai Orchid...we will definitely be back!


Day 175. The Landscaping One.

I was working from home yesterday, and was greeted with more evidence that Spring is coming...the landscaping of our development has begun. Its funny, I don't think I ever get used to seeing all different people standing right outside my window...it always kinda freaks me out at first. But then, today, partially because it was Spring and I'm loving this weather, I really sat and watched the team of men mow, trim, edge, plant, mulch, clean up...

Its really quite hard work: landscaping. Its easy to say this time of year that I wish I had that job but then its easy to say, in the heat of summer, or the cold blistering winds of late fall that I am so glad I don't have that job.

So today - I thank M. - who I did thank in person as well. Its quite a thankless job to landscape an entire development, and if you are doing your work properly, most people never see you do it, and you only hear about it when you do something wrong. Its easy to overlook the beauty that comes from fresh beds ready for spring flowers and that particular shade of green that resides in freshly mown grass, but, at least for me, its the landscaping team that makes all of that a reality every day.

No matter who does the landscaping around you - you, people you have hired, your community, think about how much they contribute to the beauty of your world...