Day 87. The Teenage One.

Ok. So. Today, I had to spend a good solid hour in very close proximity to two teenagers. They applied their makeup (who knew it took so long to apply like three products?) discussed being allowed to date, hairstyles, friends, what to wear to school, and shopping. 

As I alternated between fascination and total irritation something began to dawn on me...I have never been so darn happy to be done with my teenage years! I am perhaps an anomaly in that my high school years weren't full of angst - I wasn't popular, I wasn't not-popular, (at least that's how it seemed); and I'm also strange in that I couldn't wait to be in my 30's. But hearing these two girls made me realize that I was glad all that was behind me now. Its weird to listen to people who are so caught up in wanting to be older...and I know I had that affliction too...but there seems to be a strange freedom in knowing that I'm not just looking forward to that "next big thing", like "High School" or "College" or "First Boyfriend" or "Marriage" or whatever it may be for people.

At this point in my life - though often immensely frustrating - I'm in the cruising phase. I get to make of my life that which I wish. I have access to the tools, the time and power to do what I want (within reason) and that's nice. Its nice to be able to really examine what you are doing and decide if you are willing to accept that as the status quo. Now don't get me wrong, I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up...but I do know my life is mine and its cool to know there's still stuff coming even if I don't know what. 

And seriously, who wants to be 13 again? Thanks girls for reminding me of that!


Day 86. The No One.

Here I go...breaking the rules again...but today is Thanksgiving. I've tossed quite a few folks around in my head and to be honest, even if I don't mean it to be, I find it might be a bit overbearing to name one person in general who I appreciate or am thankful for on this very day of national giving of thanks. So, today - I turn the tables, I ask you to take over my job, just for today.

Who do YOU appreciate? We are to be thankful today of all days, so why not grab that opportunity by the horns and tell at least one person...whoever it is...that you appreciate them and what makes them a rockin' person. Do it face to face or voice to voice if you can, but emails, texts, posts on whatever site you may use for social connections work equally well. 

I'm a control freak and I rarely give up control, so y'all better take me seriously - Thank someone for being who they are or doing what they do - TODAY.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you that have happened upon my little project and have given a few precious moments of your life to read my ramblings...


Day 85. The Strong One.

So at my gym (yes, its cold so I'm at the gym more than I like since I can't run outside as much), there is a woman who I've noticed who is becoming a regular...she's there most days I am there and I see her working diligently on her cardio workout or doing some weights. It is also obvious that she is working to lose some weight as she probably in not in, nor close to, the ideal weight for someone her age and height.

I see the looks some of the little gym rats and aerobic bunnies give her. They are judgmental and not appearing to be kind. I think I would be naive to think that this woman doesn't see all these looks either. But she comes to the gym...she keeps coming back. And, I can see that her hard work is starting to pay off.

I've always been athletic - dancing when I was little and then playing sports from middle school on, and now I'm insane enough to run marathons. I can honestly say that that is easy compared to what I know this woman is doing. I can see that she is really trying to change her lifestyle, and to be honest, once you are in a workout pattern, its "easy" to stick to it - adding a mile or two to your longest run isn't near as hard as getting on that treadmill for the very first time. That first time its hard and no matter your size, its defeating to not be able to do what you think you should. 

So to the woman who I don't know - who is truly working hard and facing so many more obstacles than just the workout itself, I salute you. You're working a lot harder than most people who go to the gym every day.


Day 84. The Thankful One.

Corporate thankfulness. Oxymoron? Usually, until I found this site today: Let's Say Thanks. This is a lovely little idea, sponsored by Xerox, with a small note from the Xerox CEO, Anne M. Mulcohy. I love this site for a lot of reasons...it uses art created by children; it uses technology in one of the most meaningful ways - enabling anyone to do as much or as little as they want to send a note of thanks to troops; it also provides something I think is too often forgotten - the feedback loop - you can see notes back from service men and women who have received this lovely little card. So as we near a day meant for thanks, I thought this was a cool find...

You thought I was going to thank Xerox didn't you? Well you're wrong, I'm actually thanking the person who brought this to my attention...my virtual friend Soren who's lurked around this blog sometimes because we have a mutual friend who so generously pimps me from time to time. And while Xerox definitely deserves major props for this phenomenal service, I must first honor Soren who brought this to my attention and continually has a gift with words - which I have the utmost respect for. So please, visit his blog about Let's Say Thanks...and then hang out there...its always good. [His entry about this program says everything I don't have the skill to say about it.] 

And to Soren, thank you for always being amazing and thought provoking in your writing...I'm glad our paths have crossed.

Day 83. The Latin One.

One of my friends, Andrea, is "from the DR" (Dominican Republic). She is an absolutely wonderful person and a wonderful friend. Having lived in two countries throughout her life there are nuances to each culture that she brings to the other, and some things about American life that she doesn't quite understand. What I love about my friend is that she owns this about herself. If we say some term in slang or something she doesn't understand she stops us until she does understand it.  And she is the first to laugh at herself when we miscommunicate and it has become our little joke to explain it away by saying, as she always says "well, in my country..."

What I love about Andrea is that all these things really speak to what is so important to build strong relationships - complete openness and a willingness to show what you don't know and want to learn more. Rather than let culture and language remain a barrier to truly getting to know someone its become something that has bound us together even more and taught us a whole heck of a lot more than we would have known otherwise. 

I also love that Andrea helps me realize how silly and careless we can be in our language...some of the things we say are completely rediculous...our current source of humor is to say "I'm totally down with that" since, as Andrea points out - this makes absolutely no sense at all.  So she's not only teaching me about friendship and a whole other part of the world, but helping me be more thoughtful and conscious of how I communicate.


Week 13. Reflections.

Every day (or so) I try to recognize a "deserving" individual. And I have still been thinking about what that means. 9 times out of ten I find that people are falling into one of two categories, not only in my life but when you consider history - someone who went "outside the lines" and broke the rules - taking a huge risk, breaking a barrier, setting a new standard; then there are the people who persevere...who become known for their ability to sustain.

To me its a question of opportunity versus obligation and how quickly that coin can flip. What truly is the difference between the person who "took a great risk" and the person who was "irresponsible"? And what is the difference between the person who endured and the person who wasn't strong enough to take charge of their own life.

Its interesting to me that you hardly hear about the people in the middle. The everyday people who perhaps make some crazy choices but otherwise stay the course. And its even MORE interesting to me that such a HUGE dichotomy exists between what I think are two of the most common determinants of what makes someone "great". I've got a couple decisions on my plate right now that force me to pick "opportunity" or "obligation". When I think about the "legacy of my life" (thanks Steph! :) ) I can argue it either way...but I still can't manage the difference between the two and which I choose to embrace. Its a hard hard choice.

Day 81. The Coaching One.

Saturday marks the end of the Ohio State regular football season with the annual tradition of the Ohio State - Michigan game. This year lacks some of the hype, but its still a big deal to me. I've been a Buckeye fan since birth - and the mystique of the OSU-Michigan game has been laid deep in me. I am one of those fans who truly doesn't care if we lose every game in a season...as long as we beat Michigan. I'm also one of those fans who's been around long enough to remember when Ohio State was "just another college football team". We weren't the power house that we are now, we weren't despised by half the country, we didn't have all the media attention, underhanded money changing hands, kids abandoning school just to play in the NFL...I grew up in these days of football tradition, sport and sheer fun.

So, today, on the last day of the season, I'd like to give a shout out to our coach Jim Tressel. Jim became head coach in 2001 and we had lived through a weird time - the "John Cooper" years where we arguably became this "powerhouse" churning out top NFL players, but we never beat Michigan and we became a "program" not a "sport".  Tressel has done his best to return our team to the tradition of years past. He's brought a renewed focus on the spirit of the game and the rewards of being part of a team...the first thing he did was make every player on the team learn EVERYONE else's name. He delivers a handbook each year that focuses on being a complete young man, not just a super athlete with excellent draft prospects. And he gets it when it comes to the Michigan game.

I've seen him interact with players and fans (both of football and other sports) and his character always shines through. A friend of mine who works with Tressel talks about his never waning respect for everyone and their time and his constant courtesy. 

Now, I'm not stupid, I know that we are a big program now at OSU. We're one of the top two richest athletic departments in the country now. I know there is shady stuff going on, at a lot of levels. I also believe that no one man (or woman) can ever be accountable for all of it...and sometimes, I'm sure, Tressel is part of the machine just like everyone else. And he knows that too. 

But from a simple, long-time fan who just enjoys the game and cheering for her team, I am so thankful for Tressel and the tiny bit of nostalgia he brings to me of when it was still just a game and fans just wanted to support their team and athletics was part of the journey to becoming a great person. 

p.s. Tress improved his record against Michigan today...so right there I have to like him even more! :)


Day 80. The Coffee One-Part II.

So I am still recovering from three time zones in less than a week...so today, my good friend Tyler offered to bring me coffee from my favorite coffee place on his way in. As I often joke, my morning coffee is often more for others' protection than my own ;). But, Tyler hasn't been feeling so well lately and I thought it was quite thoughtful for him to offer to bring me some caffeine during a week when I sorely need it...

Plus, anytime anyone brings the coffee TO you - well that's just fantastic :)


Day 81. The Long Distance One.

I have a friend who lives very far away from me, and who I really only see twice a year and talk with via email. His name is PJ and its funny, we met through a professional connection and the luck of the universe seated us next to each other and thus our friendship was born.

I really appreciate PJ because he is one of those rare people who no matter how frequently or infrequently we communicate, we pick up right where we left off and at a very strong level of friendship. This doesn't usually happen with me and i give all the credit to PJ. The other thing that PJ has always done that is so very special is that every time we are together he makes a point to talk about how we need to continue to feed and grow our friendship. And, as much as it may be "uncool" to say you need validation from time to time, it always means the world to me to hear that someone really enjoys spending time with me...

So to another person who's teaching me so much about friendship, PJ, I thank you for being my friend and p.s. PJ is getting married this weekend, I have yet to meet his fiancee but I can only imagine how special and wonderful she is. I wish you both a wonderful beautiful weekend of your dreams and life where all your hopes become reality!



Day 79. The Second-Time One.

I'm breaking the rules today with this post...and I can't share why right now. But i will tell you that in the past week or so, a dear friend shared some advice about how I approach life that has been heavy on my heart. 

This person is right - and the most important take away for me - even more than the comment about me - is that this person was 100% comfortable with sharing it with me and didn't make a big deal about saying it. In fact, to this person, it may not, or ever be, a big deal. But I keep pondering it - almost like a child plays with a loose tooth (which I was notorious for - big shocker there). And I respect this person, and I think they know more than I do in this instance, and as painful as it is - and as bad as it is to work through this and the other things that this brings up, I really appreciate them telling me.

I don't think this person knows how significant it was, or how much to heart I've taken it, but it means a lot. I am thankful for this person and their advice. 


Day 78. The Luggage One.

I'm really really REALLY tired...for reasons that are all my own doing, but someone helped make the pain of getting through this day a bit easier, and it was the luggage handler at Dallas Fort Worth airport. I hate checking luggage to DFW, it ALWAYS takes forever to get my bags, but today, within 5 minutes of getting off the plane, there was my bag...the 5th off the stile.

So whoever you are, THANK YOU for being so efficient with my luggage, it sure made my day a whole lot easier and it was such a pleasant surprise to have my expectations shattered in the most wonderful way. It really made me smile. Thanks for working so hard.


Week 12. Reflections.

Judgement. For some reason this has been on my mind lately. I'm not completely sure why...but for some reason about a week ago as I was thinking about who to blog about that day I had the strange thought enter my head "who am I to judge?" And the contradiction surrounding 'judgement' has been hopscotching in my mind since then...when you hear that someone is judging another, 9 times out of 10 it carries a bad connotation: "don't judge!" But then suddenly it becomes OK if you are say, writing a blog about someone doing something nice, or, perhaps picking someone to be your secret Santa or whatever.

I mean, here's the thing, I could be writing super nice things about someone who is a total and complete bear every other waking moment of their lives.  Does that matter? And then, is it OK to cite that one single time that the person DID do something nice? When we judge (and yes, we all do it and we all do good AND bad judging..if you think you don't, you're lying) does it matter how much information you have? And, since it would seem you can never have "enough" information, are we right back to the theory that "judgement" is a bad thing, good or bad? Who am I to say who is good or bad or smart or silly or funny?

I don't have the answers to these questions - again, I just thought it interesting that I am basically judging people every single day and in every single post. Just because I'm writing nice things about them, is that OK? I'm not really sure....


Day 76. The Mom One.

So its Friday and Friday has become a day I think about my friend Steph. I've wanted to write about her for a while now, but I would always get stumped with what to say about her here...there are so many things I could say but none of them seem to be the "right" thing - or express fully why she is so great...so here goes nothin'.

Stephanie's and my friendship is fairly new and in fact we hardly get to see each other in person so we are usually "talking" via chat rooms or ustream or the twitter. But I do feel like I know her very well...and when it all boils down to the reality of the thing, I think what it is about Steph that I love so much is that she shares who she is - all of who she is. She is open, and honest and who she is really pulls at my spirit. She compels me to really think about what is going on and own my own life. She is so comfortable with who she is - which makes it even more significant when she talks about what she hopes to do or wants to change.  She lives one of the most profoundly thoughtful and meaningful lives in her everday tasks...

Steph - you rock, and I consider my life richer for knowing you.


Day 75. The Friendly One.

So the gym I go to is fairly new...lots of bells and whistles that "aren't anywhere else" as the canned speech says.  But anyway, one thing that happens is that whenever you are leaving, the front desk attendant always says goodbye, or have a nice day or something along the lines of a pleasant farewell.

I must admit, at first, I found it a touch annoying, I mean this person doesn't know me, and it felt a bit forced. Then I started testing the system...slowing down my walk till they were checking in someone else to see if they'd notice people leaving...watching if a group or a line of singles walked out how that was handled. I'm twisted and sick, I know.

But the sum total was that the individual always did their best, no matter what else they were doing, to be pleasant to everyone in the area - including saying goodbye to pretty much every person leaving the gym. Now yes, I recognize that this person is being paid to do this, and I am sure its part of their job description...but its just really nice to have this happen every day in a culture that seems to have lost the focus on customer service. And it sure makes me leave with a smile on my face every time...


Day 74. The Television One.

So today - I had to take Stephen's car in for some routine stuff...he has a very nice car so suffice it to say that the dealership I take it to has people who *sometimes* carry a very large ego in the door. I was waiting in the little waiting area (which is quite nice by the way). The NFL network on the TV, and one of the sales reps was futzing with the TV controls (its got satellite so its all kinds of confusing beyond a simple remote...as far as I know).

As I sat down one of the other women was mouthing off loudly, "WELL! I can't belieeeve we are still watching football. I TOLD him I wanted to watch the Food Channel..." The poor guy was trying so hard and finally said he didn't know what he was doing and went to get the guy "who was good with the tv". When this guy showed up, long story short he had to reboot the dish but when it came back on, the TV was still showing the NFL channel from before. Of course this generated a comment from little miss sunshine "And we're watching football again". The guy was trying - he asked what channel the Food Channel was, "well I don't know!" she snapped...so he flipped thru the guide - all the while bearing the snappy, rude, insulting remarks from this lady. 

FINALLY - to the relief of all of us, the Food Channel was found. (Oh the joy - I just love watching Emeril early in the morning...not). And this sweet guy just looked at this woman earnestly and said "oh I'm so glad we found it, please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you."  People who need to put others down to make themselves feel better are beyond horrible, and my new favorite person is this sweet guy who so nobly put up with it all this morning and seemed to be earnestly willing to put up with it all. 

Be nice to people - no matter how important you think you are.

Day 73. The Photographic One.

Yesterday I was blessed enough to be able to attend my friend Heather's "Celebration of Life". A special gift that is tucked into one's life when you are terminally ill is that you have the opportunity to plan out how YOU wish to be remembered and Heather,  to noone's surprise, did that. She was all over that event yesterday - it was the most heart-breakingly beautiful event I think I've ever been to.  One of the things that Heather had done, about a month ago, was sit for a photo session with her family. Yesterday, these special, candid shots were displayed throughout the room. Each shot literally pulsed with the love of Heather's family, Heather's energy and her spirit. And for that, I can only appreciate the photographer.

The photographer was a special friend who had the advantage to know Heather already but it reminded me of the gift of the photographic artist. I'm a big fan of candids myself, (nothing irks me more than an entire event captured only in posed/ planned shots a la a traditional wedding) for candids are where the true beauty and essence of people and a moment in time exist. As I get older, I realize more and more the skill and talent it takes to capture these moments...first you have just the technical side - the lighting, the focus, the composition, but even more you have to have the eye, the timing and the subtlety it takes to get the moment just right without being intrusive. I'm starting to think that in some ways, photography may be one of the most challenging and beautiful arts for all these reasons.

As I no longer have my friend here in person, I will now have my memories and some photos to remember her forever...the photos I had the privilege to enjoy yesterday melded Heather's life with images so that its that much easier to know how special she was. I credit the wonderful photographer for all this...


Week 11. Reflections.

Well this week has proven to me personally that more than ever the time to love and appreciate someone is NOW. I'm processing things on a ridiculously deep and personal level these past few days...I feel that I need to make some very fundamental changes - but not be earth-shattering in their implementation. Its interesting that one of the "5 stages of grief" isn't any sort of change or progress...oh well.

I'd like to just quickly share some other things that have come to the surface this week. What makes some of these lessons even more special is that they were brought to me by friends...the point of this blog was to not wait to tell someone how wonderful they are, but I am learning there are also lessons we ourselves can learn...

As I was quickly chatting with a friend I said I feel compelled to remember to live every day fully and his response was "and don't get upset over the small things". Isn't that the truth?

Another friend reminded me to not just tell someone you appreciate them, and to be appreciative in your heart, but to ENJOY that friend by spending time with them...make soaking up the gift of people who are special to you a reality. Do you think you need to catch up with someone? Call them, visit with them SOON. As soon as possible. 

Other friends have reminded me so sweetly how important it is to just be there. Even if you don't know what to say or do, just be there, and let people know you are there. If you don't even have the words you can say that and just say "i'm here for you". 

And finally, my very very very special friend Heather who I will never think of as truly gone left a message that is seared into my brain...

"Don't wait. Give someone an unexpected gift just because you appreciate them. Take your own loved ones to a cherished community treasure or try something completely new."


Day 71. The Really Really Busy One.

Thanks to all of you for offering your thoughts and prayers for my friend Heather and her family. At this very moment, I can tell you that I still feel quite heartbroken. One person in particular sent me a lovely short email last night to let me know she was thinking of everyone, and her email jogged in my memory how truly wonderful she is. 

My friend Diana is someone I met 4 years ago. I have had the opportunity to see her in her professional environment, her personal environment and her family environment. Truly - I consider her one of my personal heros. Her job is quite lucrative and where we live, rather important (i will leave it at that). She is so busy with it and her other commitments. But what amazes me about her is that she finds time to live a balanced life: she focuses on her family, her friends and causes that are important to her. And she does everything to a degree of quality that few others can even imagine.

The most important thing though that Diana has reminded me of is that no matter how long its been since you've visited with a friend (in this case, me with her) that time isn't a factor when it comes to someone you are truly connected with. And when you have that time with someone - soak it up - be fully present. When I am with Diana I feel that we are both so fully engaged in the moment and each other -- it is truly some of the most rich, pleasant time I have with a friend.

I don't get to see Diana often - but I think of her so very much, and I admire all that she does for those in her life. In all her craziness, she even had the time to think of me in losing my friend, and had the courage to reach out to me about it. I adore Diana - someday, I hope to be more like her.


Day 70. Breaking the rules.

My dear friend who I wrote about in this blog earlier lost her battle with breast cancer today.

If nothing else, this reminds me, please tell those that you love, respect, or appreciate NOW. There is beauty in truth and there is treasure in the gift of your thoughts.

I love you Heather.


Day 68. The Presidential One.

Yeah so this one is kinda cheating too. But obviously, as most everyone knows, history was made last night as the United States elected our first black president: Barack Obama. To be honest, at this exact moment I am just thankful its all over. Ohio is a big ol' swing state and I am just glad that I don't have to deal with HOURS of local news coverage of who is where (and the corresponding traffic jams) and that hopefully soon all those rediculously annoying yard signs will be gone. And don't even get me started if we had a recount.

Regardless of one's political views, I do think that this is pretty cool (just as if we'd had a woman in the White House). I am not a huge feminist or social activist on these types of issues but I do believe in equality - particularly in equality of opportunity. The fact that a black man was given the opportunity to run and given the opportunity to be evaluated as a worthy candidate by all Americans is a huge step forward from my perspective.

BUT, I'm intrigued by the next four years and not for the obvious reasons, and this is why I name Mr. Obama today. When he started his political posturing, I bought his book and read it with interest. Regardless of agreeing on every point or not, I appreciate his honesty in his perspective, and sometimes bias, and I appreciate his ability to focus on trying to do things the right way and not just by the political rules. He of course, also admits that sometimes he has been held to those political rules - its the nature of the beast. The most important thing of all for me though is that quite frankly, I'm shocked ANYONE would even want this job...would you? You and your family get torn to shreds, you lose any ability to have time for yourself for four years and you deal with a whole ton of crap day in and day out. And let's face it, right now is not really a time filled with easy choices - no matter who is president. No matter what you think of an issue getting in or getting out of where we are now is NOT going to be easy if its to be done the right way. 

So all the "hope" and "change" and propaganda aside, today I just acknowledge President Obama for even being willing to take the job in the first place - his fortitude is something I could never dream of having and I wish him only success and and personal peace and happiness.


Day 67. The Voting One.

Today is election day in the US. I am quite thankful to see all the energy its producing this year. Regardless of one's views, we must take on the responsibility to voice our opinions or our system is a hollow gong. It was obvious what today's target should be, but I had to have a SPECIFIC example, and since I voted early by mail (natch!) I would like to share with you the story about the man in front of me in line during the 2004 election.

We all know stories about 2004 - good, bad and ugly. I do live in Ohio so our votes were hotly debated and contested. I went early at 6AM and the wait was long and painful. There were people trying to sneak propaganda into the voting facility, there were people arguing with each other about their preferences...and since I had not expected this to take hours I came completely unprepared without a paper, cell phone or iPod (and worst of all, no coffee!). I was subjected to seeing us embarrass ourselves as Americans by doing that oh so american thing of complaining about everything.

As we wound round and round the gym, waiting to vote, I noticed the man in front of me. At first I thought he was just going to work and was voting first as he was in a suit, and that may have been the case, but he had his son with him as well - he couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 and also had a tie on. As we slowly queued, I noticed the man continually, gently pointing out what was happening to his son. The man was clearly born in another country and every moment was an opportunity for him to tell his son how thankful they should be to be able to vote, to explain the power of a vote, and to talk about why they were in America now and how wonderful it was. It made me tear up as I realized that this man was a reminder to us all about the powerful gift that had been given to us.

I don't know this man's name, I have never seen him again, and yet, that day, he was the most American person I had ever seen. Its far too easy to become disenchanted with our election process, it sure isn't perfect. You've heard things so much they become cliche but this man reminded me they are true - people did and continue to leave everything behind in hopes of being able to be true to their inner voice, to feel heard. People have died for this belief of equality, possibility and freedom. Please vote. Please be thankful you can vote. Please honor those who made it possible in their wisdom for us to do so. I don't care what you believe, I don't care what you vote but please please please do it, know what you are voting for and why.


Day 66. The Irritated One.

So it was Halloween this past weekend. It was surprisingly calm and almost boring around here, so some friends and I went out to make our own fun.  We were joking around and suffice it say my teasing went too far (I know, I know, you're shocked!). I ended up upsetting a very dear friend who's had a lot going on. He got rather upset with me and the evening came to a screeching halt.

The next day, this good friend reminded me of the flip side of friendship - of apologies, acceptance and most importantly, forgiveness. He was first to send me one of the sweetest texts ever (I teased his wife later that it was so nice that I thought she wrote it!) that apologized for his overreacting. My immediate reaction was to apologize back because I knew that while I meant no harm, this person needed no additional drama right now with all that's going on. And just like that, it was resolved. Isn't that one of the most important milestones of friendship? Not just the first fight, but more importantly the ability to RESOLVE the first fight.

My friend reminded me that yes, I am rather annoying at times ;o) and that yes so is he sometimes, but that we value each other more than that and we are really friends. You know this when the feeling after a fight or disagreement or argument is first to resolve and apologize rather than wait for an apology to come to you...I love that this friend made me feel this way towards him and I love that he reminded me the importance of working through ALL the ups and downs of ALL relationships...


Day 63. The Sales One.

I wonder if anyone's still reading at this point since we've slogged through a bunch of Europe stories and now we are focusing on the travails of getting a new car. Well, we got our new car today. And I am in love...its got everything I wanted! Through this process we worked with the dealership where my family has gotten cars for 15 years and where Stephen's car is from. We were obviously in a bit of a rush and our usual sales contact wasn't available so we worked with Dominic for the first time.

Dominic was great. He was entertaining, kind, smart, cheeky (which you know I appreciate above all else!) professional and helpful. Now yes, I know, he's a saleman. He's supposed to be good at closing the deal. But he was, without all those annoying Sales-y things. And we ended up talking quite a bit and he's really cool. I also must say that I found him very honest throughout the entire thing so I felt like we were not being taken in any way.

Dominic made the process of buying a new car fun rather than stressful and we had a great time together!

Day 62. The Automotive One.

So we're shopping for a new car. We have a friend, Ted, who has an expert car detailing business. He is a master - knows how to keep cars in good condition, spot a good car, evaluate a car and so much more. Plus he's found a way to turn his passion for fine cars into his business...

As we've been looking at what to get, we've really been leaning heavily on him asking stupid questions that are really below his level and taking a lot of his time, asking for help, asking for him to test drive cars with us. Well yesterday a "perfect" car kinda fell in to our lap. Just Stephen and I were there and we test drove it, got the number and went home to ponder it. As we were driving home, I left Ted a voicemail just filling him in. Do you know what Ted did? He drove over to our side of town, went to the dealership, talked to the salesman, evaluated the car, test drove the car and then called to talk to us in detail about if it was the right car or not. I was floored. I mean, I know Ted is a great person, but I am so appreciative that he took the time out of his day to do all this for us. How generous in spirit. I don't know if he realized how much that meant to me not only the act itself, but the gift of the peace of mind I had after hearing his evaluation and endorsement. (and yes, Ted approves of the car too :) ) 

So for my special friend Ted, who further demonstrated what a great great friend he is...THANK YOU!!!