Day 330. The Enterprise Ones.

So, its fun when a title comes easily.

A week or so ago, Stephen and I took a much needed long weekend away. We headed down to the Florida Keys - the only point in me telling you this is so that you understand we needed a rental car. Now, for those of you who have traveled, you may share our feelings that the rental car experience is often the last, most frustrating thing sitting between you and your intended activities. The rental car process by nature is often dry, financially focused and rote (oh and sticks you in a gross garage for most of it). Often we feel like we can't fully exhale till we are out of the garage and on the road headed to our destination...

So imagine our surprise, when we went to go pick up our car from Enterprise car rental and our vacation began immediately. From the minute we met with the first representative at the rental counter, she was funny, built a relationship with us, was engaging and ever so pleasant. That alone would have been enough, but then we headed out to get our car...we were immediately warmly greeted by another representative who walked us to our car, talked to us about possible options on our rental, again, engaged us in a conversation that wasn't just rehearsed small talk, oriented us to our car, loaded our bags and got us on our way.

Stephen and I experienced the whole thing with awe...and, before we even left the parking spot we were happy and in a great mood. We remarked on the customer service we received throughout our trip, and, we kinda expected that it was a fluke (maybe we just got the "nice reps" or "it was a good day") until we returned the car and had an equally kind, professional and service oriented experience.

Now Stephen will tell you that he picked Enterprise because they used a Rusted Root song in their commercial. I will tell you that price also had a lot to do with it. But we will both now tell anyone who will listen about how great the service was that we received (having just picked up another rental car from another company yesterday, yes, so far, its just Enterprise doing this ;))

I've done some looking into if this is some new corporate initiative or marketing strategy and it isn't - or at least its not been trumpeted - which is equally impressive since so many companies will often tout their "its all about the customer"or "we do this for YOU" or "revamped service - new and improved" as a way to draw in customers. So, since I can't find if this is a new corporate culture, initiative or otherwise, I obviously can't specifically acknowledge whomever began this consistent tone of service at Enterprise. But, whoever you are, and all those wonderful representatives we worked with on our recent trip, I salute you. You're making a difference, and in turn, you've got some folks who are now Enterprise customers for life. Well done.

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