Day 329. The Thought-FULL One.

Hey! Hey there! Yep! Still around...life just getting in the way. But sometimes you have to stop and make time for things like posting here...this post is about a friend of mine who I have wanted to write about for a while now but feared that words would fail me. So - let's make a deal...however great you think this guy is after reading this post, magnify it times 10, and then you might be close.

I'm writing about Matt Wagner. Matt is another person I met through my hockey affliction...and at first, I knew him only as one of the key writers over at the Cannon. But it was easy to recognize Matt right away. He has this gift, you see, to always be thoughtful and measured in how he approaches things and communicates things. Every time he writes something, I find my initial reaction is almost always "ohmigosh, EXACTLY!!!!" As someone who is rather emotional and often "over the top", Matt inspires me to be careful and diligent in my evaluation of all things and careful in how I communicate so that my words don't make me look like a dolt ;). [still working on that last one]

Then I got to meet Matt and get to know him a bit, I have to say, it was a little bit of a "celebrity" moment for me. I had such tremendous respect for Matt already it was cool to spend time getting to know him. Matt is so so many things - he is always nice, he's smarter than most anyone - the guy can remember almost all the stats of a hockey game and churn out a game recap with zero notes and after acting like a total fan the entire game - sometimes before I'm even home from the arena. Speaking of games, Matt is also talented - standing next to him during the national anthem is truly a treat - not only can he sing, but he harmonizes, I mean come on, man!!!

There is also so much more to Matt. He has taken on a huge personal journey and dedicated himself to it far longer than I think I have to many of my personal goals. He's humbly and persistently put forth the hard work to see his way to the finish line - and he gets closer every single day - and, what's even better? He shares his accomplishments so that we may all celebrate with him. Which, to do so, without ego is quite a gift - another trait I'd love to be able to build within myself.

And then there's that old adage, that those you surround yourself with tell you a  lot about a person. Well, Matt's amazing fiancee Morgan only reinforces how cool Matt is. To see them together is awesome - they giggle, flirt, communicate, and share life in every living breathing second. They're getting married soon and its been outstanding to watch them build towards this exciting time and life together.

So, that is my friend Matt. Like I said, he's better than I can even express - and he compels me to want to be more thoughtful and more FULL of thought in all aspects of my life. Matt - you rock.


SirChadlyOC said...

Matt's definitely a cool dude. He's one of those people you gravitate towards because he always is saying or doing interesting things. I am so happy for him that he has found so much happiness in his own personal life recently, especially in the face of all the local hockey doldrums.

Morgan January said...

You are awesome! It's so gratifying to see through another's eyes how wonderful a man I'm marrying. This made me smile today, and believe me, Matt and I both needed a smile today. Thank you.