Day 326. The Journalist One.

A random fact about me. I am not much of a fan girl. When I was little, and everyone else wanted to be person X, or date person Y (wherein person X and Y are clearly famous people), I never had that urge. There were a lot of people I liked, but as far as I can remember, there wasn't anyone who I really just held up in this huge feeling of awe...

That's pretty much held true throughout my life. With a few exceptions. And one of those is Steph. I first found Steph as the writer for The Other Paper, our local go-to independent paper, where she wrote about quite a few things - including sports, namely hockey. Now, those of you who know me, can imagine that this is like my dream job, so to see a woman doing this job so amazingly was just one of those "wow" moments.

Steph also was approachable. She didn't just put the news out there, she is on the Twitter and was ready to interact with everyone in a genuine and enthusiastic way. In a way that screams this is one. Cool. Chick. (Oh and she's a workout geek like me...so there's that!)

And then I had the chance to see Steph in person at a CBJ fan event. And let's just say, gorgeous. And she's got that whole "I'm comfortable with myself" and "I'm happy to be here in this moment" thing going on. So, in a lapse of total fan-geekiness as I had never known, I called her out in my blog about the event calling her my super secret media crush.

And then...

Imagine my shock when all of a sudden, Steph tweets about being my super-secret media crush. I was in my kitchen and I literally almost died. I stopped mid sentence talking to my husband. From there, again, to credit of who Steph is we started getting to know each other. Every tweet of hers to me is such a nice little moment in my day. She has supported me sometimes when she knows she has, sometimes when she doesn't know she has. She intentionally carved out moments to meet me in person when I know she had a million other things going on and it meant the world to me to see her just for a second and share a smile and a laugh.

A few months ago, Steph changed her life in ways that she had to to live the life she wants to have had in all facets of her life. I'll leave that story to her words and only say that from what I know of this woman, this makes me adore her even more.

Steph - you inspire me to know that being what I want to be can be balanced with doing what's right. And you remind me every day that life is the fun of which you make it...no matter what it presents to you.

Happy birthday to you girl - you're still my not-so-secret media crush its just that now I know even more reasons why you rock!

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