Day 324. The Like Minded One.

Well hello there...obviously, my posts are still sparse and, dang it, I've got to finish this project. The thought has been looming with me all week about who I will write about this Sunday...the 10th anniversary of 09-11, which, as you may know, as a resident of DC during that day, hit me very hard...and, coupled with the fact I've had to mark that day twice already on this blog (so NOT my plan) has made Sunday hang with pressure to do something right but not cliche...and then, in general, I've been questioning "why am I NOT writing about this person or that person" and I feel like I'm over-thinking who I talk about here, but then, on days like today, I'm reminded, that the little moments when I come across someone to write about, while fewer and far between, make the decision easy...I kinda just know...so here we go...

Many of you know that I am hockey fan, and, many of you - non-hockey fans included - may have  heard about the tragedy yesterday when a plane carrying the an entire KHL hockey team crashed...killing everyone on board, save for 2 people who are in the hospital - wiping out an entire hockey team, and devastating countless fans and far too many families.

There has been much coverage of this crash, from almost every possible angle, many remembrances - sharing of grief - and commemoration of those we lost. And I didn't feel smart enough to write something new that hadn't already been said far more eloquently...but then I came across another blog post.

I don't know this author, and, to be honest, don't know anything about her other than what's in her about page. But she seems to be cool (chicks who like sports are usually cool ;) ), and she wrote this post. She tells about her experience as a limo driving picking up the family of one of the players killed in the plane crash, taking them to the aiport to fly to Europe, and the impact it had on her...and the lesson this taught her about children in our lives.

And - for some reason, the light bulb came on in my head. Maybe its that my great friends Tobin and Lisa had their first baby, Emma, this past weekend and I got to hold her for a wonderful hour yesterday so the preciousness of little ones is on my mind; maybe its this whole 9-11 thing that makes my emotions go cuckoo every year; or maybe its just that this woman echoed once again the belief that fuels this entire blog - but this time, from the perspective of being a parent and loving on our children.  She writes:

"Just make sure they know what they mean to you. Remind them EVERYDAY. Hug them EVERYDAY. Kiss them EVERYDAY. Most importantly, love them EVERYDAY. Unconditionally. Because, you never know what tomorrow will bring."

That's all I've ever hoped people would do...and when you find someone else who sees the value in letting people who mean something to you know that NOW, well it kinda is like a love letter to my soul. So, in the shadow of such a devastating event, and with the upcoming memorials to the many lost that have been occurring and will culminate this weekend of another devastating event, I want to recognize this writer for "getting it" and being just one more voice asking all of us to not wait to tell people in your life that they are good and why. Its the ultimate gift - its the easiest to give - it can make all the difference in the world.

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