Day 320. The Chicken One.

So - everyone needs levity and laughter to stay sane. In light of that, I must tell you that I was having a rather craptastic day and somehow, the universe (via one of my FB friends) put a little bundle of joy into my life in the form of this blog post from Jenny. Its only the first post I've read from this blogger - so, while I think she's probably pretty hilarious I haven't read much of her other stuff...yet. But, seriously, when your blog title is "The Bloggess" and your tagline is "Like Mother Teresa, Only Better" you have to imagine you've happened on some pretty funny stuff. (Plus, she writes for the Houston Chronicle and warns you about varying degrees of her writing depending on what style you are most comfortable with).

The best humor is the humor that takes an every day experience and turns it hilarious...and, at the same time reminds you to be spirited and take advantage of even the silly opportunities that might come your way. (see: Bill Cosby). The best humor makes you laugh so sincerely that any other negative energy you were carrying simply evaporates - if only for a second.

I would argue that not many can't identify with this post, nor do many not want the chicken in question. All I will say, is that someone who has a gift for writing, and who has a gift for humor can truly make someone's day when they really really really need it.

I'll stop writing now and leave you in much more capable hands - read about the BEST. CHICKEN. EVER.
*Please note there is some profanity

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