Day 317. The Trucker One.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when driving, people don't obey the rules of how to merge. This can happen in two ways - first, the person in the lane to which people must merge are CONVINCED that if they let even one car over before them the world will end thus breaking the "zipper rule" - one car in from the left, one car from the right; and the second much more frustrating and insulting "even though I see a merge and know its coming and see everyone following proper merge protocol I will speed ahead of everyone who's already merged and nose my way in at the last second effectively giving the big ol' middle finger to everyone who followed the rules and was polite." THAT is the one I hate.

So anyway, last weekend DH and I got to spend 20+ hours in a car headed to a family wedding in Pennsylvania. The drive there is 8 hours so we break it into 4 hour chunks. I had the first shift. I had the joy of dealing with rush hour traffic in Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, and massive, non-stop, soul-crushing pouring rain...for all four hours. In the midst of this, we came upon construction (of course we did). And we started crawling along at 30 miles an hour awaiting the relief that would come once the merge was complete. I could just see the scenario I described above coming at us...people were actually merging as they should so the traffic was down to one lane about 500 yards before the actual merge. In the left hand mirror I saw the truck come barreling down the now empty lane from which everyone had merged. And then - he slowed. He, like everyone else, went into the one remaining lane as was his turn immediately following the car in front of him. It was a lovely bright spot in the midst of traffic hell. And, shockingly, everyone else behind him started doing it too.

Now I know that the trucker didn't have a flashing sign dictating "the rules of merge" and it could be that equal credit goes to every other car on the road that day, but, I like to think that seeing that big vehicle not take advantage of speeding past everyone else may have just set the example. Its amazing how knowing we're all in this together and noone's trying to screw each other can really change your mind set.

So to the trucker I never got to see (we were on a breakneck pace to get to PA), I choose to give you credit for being a highway big brother last Thursday and I thank you for setting the example for how we can all get there together if we just play nice.

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Shane said...

I'm just now beginning to read your blog, and I just wanted to say I think you're an amazing person. It's difficult to view everyone in a positive manner, but you're managing to do it day after day. People do need to realize we are all in this together; it would make the world a much better place.
I have a blog as well; if you would like to check it out, any criticism is appreciated :)
Thank you for your insight!