It was with great sadness, that we have learned that our dear friend Amy has passed. While I know that there is much grief with those of us still here missing her, we all rejoice that she is now at peace.

I feel compelled to share that over the past week, I have seen an outpouring of love like no other. Amy's Facebook wall is filled with literally hundreds of posts. The post I did for her Sunday has become the most viewed entry in this little project of mine. All of that is a testament to Amy. I share this to continue to compel each of you to tell those you care about how much they matter.

Selfishly - it was such a gift for me to know that Amy did see my blog post for her before she left. I DM'd her on Twitter. Amy, of course, was special enough that even in her final days she was sure to keep letting us know she was seeing our messages, and the DM I have from her in response sits at the top of my DM list...I look at it every day. But, bigger than that - it has really warmed my heart to know that Amy saw how much she meant to people - and why. She knows that she matters to so many. And, I believe that that is really all any of us wants...to know that we matter, to know - at the end of the day - that we did good - even just once.

Please - in honor of Amy, or of someone special to you, won't you consider using even one minute today to tell someone what they mean to you...while they can still hear you?

We love you, Amy - forever, and always.

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