Day 314. The Registration One.

So perhaps a bit over a year ago...randomly on Twitter...I ended up becoming friends with Ben. And its been one of those weirdly fascinating friendships where we started out talking about the Blue Jackets, but randomly ended up with quite a few common interests...we both run, bike, fight cancer, support LIVESTRONG. It was overall just a pretty cool thing to find someone you'd never know otherwise through one common interest and find out you have a ton in common (well, except for Ohio State but we'll let that go for now ;) )

I also always so appreciate Ben's tweets during training - even if it was 6AM on a Sunday, if I shared I was headed out on the bike, I'd almost always get some sort of encouraging tweet or we'd talk about our training that day or about our upcoming events. Again - just a few exchanges - but their regularity and focus on knowing each other more than superficially was a bright spot whenever they occured.

So, anyway, this week, I was posting about a race that offered an upgrade option with some cool perks but said event wasn't doing the best at marketing how to take advantage of this option...Ben, as always, started chatting with me about what event it was and then...boom!...like five minutes later, he sends me the link and how to take advantage of the upgrade if I wanted to. (Note: this was in the morning and I didn't hear back from the event organizers until 6 PM!!!) Turns out, the registration platform this event was using is one Ben was familiar with so he knew the quirks and how to look for what I needed.

Its not so much just the fact that Ben is pretty darn smart and could figure out a registration site (which usually I can do), its the underlying things that marked this event - and this person - for me. I think in our day-to-day life, we probably see people facing a ton of different things - big and small. To take even a few moments to really find out the info you need to help, and then to actually help is something that doesn't happen often enough. If we can all stay open to those we come in contact with, who knows when we'll be able to help one another...sometimes if you're lucky enough, you may even be the recipient of said help.

To Ben, yes, it was just a registration link, but I place great value on the effort and time you put into finding something for me. I am glad our paths have crossed! :)

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Devyl Gyrl said...

As always, I love that you take the time to thank people for the little things. It reminds me to think about who does what for me, and how it made my life easier.