Day 313. The Not Too Famous to Help One.

I like it when people who are really well known for something just come out and boom! knock your socks off with another aspect of themselves that is equally impressive.

So I'll be brief - but when I was little Georgetown Basketball was THE program (during our 8th grade trip to DC I swear I think our class bought every street vendor out of those blue and white "Georgetown Hoya's" sweatshirts with the dog on them). And, during a high school experience that focused a lot on basketball, yeah, Alonzo Mourning was pretty awesome. So that's how he's been defined in my mind - a really good basketball player...with some interesting life stories (see kidney transplant).

And hey, look, if I was famous - which Alonzo easily is - you can bet I'd think twice about dealing with "the public" from time to time. Like it or not, the loss of one's anonymity isn't as easy to deal with as we might all think.

So then I read this today. And its pretty freaking cool. Way to go 'Zo! Now I know you for a heck of a lot more (and better!) reasons than before.

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Sorenj said...

Nice!!! I love reading your uplifting stories. This one reminds me of this little bit from a rather unexpected source (UFC)...