Day 312. The Open One.

I have blogged about this person before here but, as you know, from time to time there are people who deserve repeats ;).

I've been thinking about this post for a while because to be honest, I grappled with how much to share about this person as I feel that there is a fine line between revealing someone's story for the beauty within it and putting something out there as a spectacle. But, I've come down on the side of sharing it ALL because this person already has chosen to put it out there and honestly, I like to think my readers will take this in with respect and compassion.

So - my friend Anne. Anne lives in Switzerland now (she used to be in Germany) and I have long admired her passion for really being open about herself and with others because its beyond obvious that she is building lasting and real connections with the people who come in to her life. I have long admired her ability to put a lot of stuff out there into the world (the internal censor in my head often gets the best of me).

So you get it - Anne's cool. Ok. Point made. But late last year, Anne shared something very private and very personal - and that is that she is struggling with an eating disorder and has finally decided to seek treatment and get healthy. I will refer you to Anne's blog HERE should you care to know more about her journey and its specifics. But I will tell you that I cannot express enough how in awe I am of her for putting this out there. I think we can all agree that "eating disorders" are one of those things that right, wrong, or indifferent, often carry a weird stigma in society. Its something that's hard to understand and even harder to "fix" so its part of that big list of things that we often aren't willing to talk about or deal with so we sweep it under the carpet admist sideways glances and whispers.

Anne is sharing a very real journey that is raw and honest and has truly started to open my eyes to all that she is facing and feeling. I know I cannot truly understand what she is dealing with but she is willing to put so much out there that, selfishly, it makes it easier to be there to support her. I don't know what to say or what advice to give but I can celebrate the small victories she shares and offer encouragement when she tells us she needs it.

While, again, I know that I don't know enough about recovery to offer "advice"...there is so much that I see that makes me believe that Anne will beat this thing - first of all, she WANTS to, and second, even when she is struggling with the emotional toll this takes on her, in the midst of her negative, I can often see in her words that she's smart enough to be aware of what she's doing and see what needs to change. So many of us are complete un-selfaware that it is this strength that only deepens my belief that Anne is gonna make it through this - no matter how long it may take. What's that saying "knowing is half the battle?" Well there you go.

To me Anne is forever strong, beautiful, witty, honest and caring. Anne - your profile - which I love by the way - says, "I like being a mess...its who I am". Well darlin' we are ALL a mess in our special ways - KNOW THAT (I always say every person has their own special brand of crazy ;) ) and I love you, mess or not, because its part of what makes you beautiful to me.

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