Day 311. The Life is Good One.

I have a little good luck charm in my life that sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much, reminds me to get back into this project...an email from him today reminded me to keep on looking for the good, so here it goes :)

Stephen and I just returned from a much needed sojourn to the Keys. Many of you may know that the Keys is a lifelong special place for me so whenever we go there everything is brighter, better, happier. Anyway, we went to celebrate my birthday/our anniversary and thus celebrated with one special dinner at the newer restaurant that is on our Key. We had a very nice young man (trust me - I've had too many instances lately reminding me I am no longer "young" ;) ) who was our server.

He was doing a fine job and, because everyone's nametag said where they were from, Stephen commented as he was from Pennsylvania (the boy will simply just not let it go! ;) ). So we learned that this guy (and I'm paraphrasing) was from Pennsylvania, had played football for a time at Tennessee, then attendeed LSU after an injury and then ended up in Hawaii. After the job market tanked, he eventually ended up in the Keys where he is staying for six months to see how life is there and then - eventually - he'll end up back in Hawaii as that is his "special place".

I didn't realize it just then as we talked to him throughout dinner (I was too busy dying over the food), I simply thought it was just a pretty cool story of a pretty cool life experience so far and then I realized therein lies a special message: sometimes the greatest thing we can do is live life and constantly blend that which is handed to us with that which we want. This server doesn't have huge aspirations of this or that "goal" or this or that "Salary", he's going where things take him - while making sure he enjoys it. He's doing it responsibly and with a plan in place but he's definitely riding the wave. I would wager that someday, when he's old, he'll be able to look back and realize that he jumped at a lot of opportunities along the way - and that will make him just as happy as when he was living these times.

Sometimes, we don't have to work hard or complete an exemplary act to be "special" or "good" - we simply need to live life fully and that will allow us to be happy and thus share that happiness with others - even in just being ourselves.

Go do something you've always wanted to do - Go take advantage of an option presented to you - Go be happy.

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