Day 306. The Married One.

Sometimes the subjects of these posts just stand up and demand to be noticed. While I know this story is already getting lots of press, I want to add my voice to the chorus.

First, let me say, it was a total fluke that I even saw this. Stephen and I have never even watched half of an episode of American Idol, and the parts we have seen are only of the bad singers because they make us laugh. But we stayed up to watch this one story last night and it was the right thing to do.

The video below is just under five minutes, but I can guarantee you that it is worth it to watch this clip. And here is why - because this IS what marriage is. Marriage isn't just flowers and hearts and whisking away to romantic trips, marriage is work, marriage is loyalty, marriage is love - real love. It's not always pretty but the reward is knowing that there is someone who is completely, and totally and forever there for you in every way imaginable. Vows often contain a version of "in good and bad, in sickness and in health" and when you can find someone to whom you truly mean that and who truly means that to you it is the most rewarding thing ever. And, like I said, not just in the fireworks way (tho that still happens ;) ) but in the deep, true way that will pop up and remind you how blessed you are to have your spouse in all the little and big ways.

Chris and Juliana have not been able to say proper vows to each other - but they are, in fact, married. Because if you were ready to say those things and you uphold them, no matter what, well, you're more married than some people who've exchanged the rings and thrown the big party.

I'd also like to throw a quick spotlight to Steven Tyler - watch at the end. Its always awkward to know how to interact with someone who may be in the midst of physical or mental challenges but Steven doesn't let that stop him from truly trying to connect with this woman in his own way. Props.

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