Day 304. The Tummy Mommy One.

In the most recent months, some very dear, good people were able to realize their dream of being parents through adoption. This couple has shared their journey of growing their family for quite some time and the arrival of this blessed little person has been a true miracle to watch unfold. I have stalked (sad, but true ;) ) their story through Facebook in recent days as the baby was born, and now, after an entrustment ceremony and, of course, paperwork, a wonderful woman gave my friends the baby she carried for nine months. I'm sure the tears of wonder and joy I have had only add to the many that have been shed in happiness, in sadness, and in fear throughout this experience.

The new parents have demonstrated the most unimaginable love and care for the woman they lovingly call "the Tummy Mommy". Even reminding all of us, that as we celebrate with them and their new baby, that we need to continue to support and pray for the woman who has given them this gift. Recently, T, the new mom, invited those of us who would wish to send some encouraging words to V (the "tummy mommy"...and can we pause and discuss how adorable that title is?!?!?) as she experiences a different side of this journey. So, I have chosen to talk to V here - because, this project is all about acknowledging amazing people NOW and this woman is beyond amazing. [Obviously, I am going to keep any identifying facts about the people involved here out of this post to respect their privacy]


Dear V,
I must tell you that I can't imagine all the emotions you feel right now, so I won't even try. I will try and fumble to find the right words to share what's in my heart.

I want you to know that even though I don't know you, I have so much love and respect for you. I love you for helping two wonderful people's dream come true. I love that you saw how cool they are in their baby book and that you picked them to be the caretakers of your little one. I respect you - though I will not assume your reasons for this choice, I can tell you that as someone who has thought quite a bit about having children and actually gotten into paralysis by analysis sometimes, I can only slightly imagine all that you considered and all that you weighed. For undertaking that process alone, I know that you are a strong person, a thoughtful person, and someone who is willing to take on challenges.

Please know that even if we never meet, I am holding you close to my heart right now. I am sending you prayers and good vibes to be at peace with your decision, to appreciate who you are and how amazing you are for going through this process, and to build your life to be whatever you wish it to be. Know that you are loved, by that little baby by the parents you have chosen for her, by extension, all of us love you too. If you are ever feeling low, please know that there are literally hundreds of people who are thankful every single second for you and these people hold you in the highest of regards.

You see, I started this silly little blog because I believe that people who do good things should feel the appreciation for doing them. And I feel that people should know how appreciated they are RIGHT. NOW. And you are one of the most deserving I've ever "met".

V, you are brave, you are strong, you are caring, you are amazing. Because you are all those things (and more) you are loved. Thank you for coming into my life through my friends, it truly gives me comfort to know that there are people in this world like you. You have increased the joy that exists out there one hundred times over. You will never be forgotten and you will always have a place in so many hearts - not only the parents you've chosen, the child you've entrusted them with, but also in mine.


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