Day 302. The Pizza One.

Ok, as many in the midwest and east coast areas know, we're receiving what is between our 2nd to third FOOT of snow today and tomorrow. All anyone wants to do is stay home and be safe. On my way home from errands this evening what did I see but the Domino's delivery man chugging along in his car through the slush and salt ahead of me. I get to go home, he doesn't. I get to stop worrying about the roads, he doesn't. I get to chose to not drive my car, he doesn't. And yeah, I know, he chose this job and yeah, I know its not rocket science. But it is brave in its own little way and I doubt he's getting any extra financial incentive from good ol' Dominos to put himself and his car at risk tonight. I'm home now, burrowed in with pup and hubby for a warm evening, but I'm thinking of all the people who are delivering stuff to people like me all over tonight, and I am sending them my appreciation.

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I like your blog, Alison! Very cool concept, and affective too!