Day 300. The Doing Their Jobs One.

A few days ago, Stephen and I were fortunate enough to visit our friends in Cincinnati to watch the season premiere of LOST. Obviously, this required a trip down the infamous 1-71 S. Stephen and my life has been marked by lots of travel on interstates and thus lots of looking out for cops/ state patrolmen etc. Its always been a personal frustration when you see a cop pulling someone over for speeding only to see multiple cars with flat tires/ broken engines just a few miles further down the road with no attention.

So, it is to the nameless Ohio State Patrol Men that were on I-71S between Columbus and Cincinnati to whom I tip my hat this evening. We never saw a single car pulled over for speeding, what we did was multiple people with flats being helped, people who needed other roadside assistance getting attention.

While 100% wrong, I felt like it had been a long time since I'd seen a police officer doing what I believe I should be paying them to do. So seeing this example this past week was a refreshing change.

To those who continue to serve, and take care of the people in there service areas/ counties/ states I salute what you do to take care of us during our travels and I offer that I will give a bit more consideration that part of that is monitoring our speed and accepting that sometimes we think poorly of you when you're ticketing us ;)

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