Day 299. The Shockingly Nice One.

Well, this must be the seventh sign, I am about to highlight someone who works at AT&T. Let me be very VERY clear, this is about the person - not the company ;) In fact, if AT&T cared, this post is a direct plea to them to get more people on board like the lovely, smart, Debbie Reynolds. [And yes, that is her real name - I asked her]

Long story short, AT&T screwed up our bill...again. You'd think after 3 years of service they'd have it figured out, but I digress. So, I was calling to get things fixed, again. I was dreading the call between the layers and layers of call routing I anticipated and the inept customer service that I have always gotten. But, I was lucky to be wrong! Debbie was kind, patient, listened and understood my problem, and was appropriately empathetic (not that scripted "I'm sorry to hear that, Mrs. L. crap).

Debbie handled my issue in a timely, professional way. Halfway through the call I realized I was actually enjoying it and feeling like my issue was being resolved. And then, the true kicker, calm as day, Debbie says "oh, and Happy Birthday! I see you just had a birthday!" Coming from years of dealing with people who you have to repeat your phone number to after every transfer and every level of analysis that this woman actually looked into the record deep enough to see that my birthday was yesterday and then thought to say something? Amazing. Nice. Kind. Above and beyond the call of duty.

AT&T already has an official "feedback" from me about the best employee of theirs that i have ever met but now the world (who probably cares more!) knows too!

Debbie - you rock.

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Teresa said...

First of all- I have also been with AT&T (also, Cingular) for many, many years and have also encountered many, many troubles with billing. Also- I used to work tech support for Verizon Fios so I can appreciate the job from their end- and I have to say it is wonderful to hear about someone who actually cares! :)