Day 297. The Salsa One.

So, a few days after Christmas, with my sister-in-law and her family in town, we got Chipotle for dinner. Loooove the Chipotle - in fact, I've been a bit obsessed lately - so we ordered online and the husbands went to pick up dinner. When they came back, and we opened our dishes, we found that three were completely different from what we ordered. (Nothing is worse than when you are totally looking forward to something and expectations are just not met). So, I called and spoke with the manager who apologized and said he'd offer us three free meals the next time we came in. I asked if we needed anything and he said, no, other than my name which they would keep in the office it would be good to go. So, armed with trepidation, lack of trust in Chipotle's online ordering tool, and a promise I went about my day.

Which brings us to last night. We had good friends over to (finally) do Christmas together and total indecisiveness led to us going to Chipotle because we knew we had three free dishes coming our way. We each went through the line and ordered and, as Stephen got to the cashier first, he started the conversation about free food. A manager was called and, we were kinda expecting that maybe we'd still be paying for our food. Well then came Chip. Chip was tremendously kind and said, no problem and said, in fact, food for all four of you is on me. We wanted some chips and salsa (and guacamole!) as well and offered to pay for that and he wouldn't hear of it.

Chip immediately put us at ease, took care of our problem and endeared us not just to Chipotle but to that specific location (which is kind of a double edged sword! :) )

Its experiences like this that remind me how important customer service is. Chip exceeded our needs and was kind throughout the process. (and plus, his name is Chip which provided countless puns for Stephen all night long...his wife's name is salsa? get it? yeah, not funny)

We all can, and will, make mistakes, but its putting our customer's needs first and treating them with kindness that gets us through. Thanks to Chip for walking the walk and, I personally recommend the Chipotle on Tuttle Road as the bestest :)

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