Day 296. The Very First One.

Color me nostalgic, but the fact that the Real World (no I'm NOT giving you the link...its not good tv) is in DC prompts me to flip back and forth to it because the house these kids are in is eerily close to my old house. Tonight, they even went to their gym - which is my old gym. Yes, I know I sound like an old person but DC was, and is, a super cool place to live and thinking of it reminded me of someone...

My long lost friend Jason was a chef, the executive chef, at the first place where I became a regular (outside of where my parents had taken me, or where I had grown up, or where I went as part of a group). His restaurant, 1910 was on 18th Street in Dupont/Adams Morgan and it became "our place". My girlfriends and I would go there 2-3 times a week and we'd hang out more than our budgets probably wanted us to.

The cool thing was, that in addition to making really great food (I still crave the soft shell crabs), J taught me that I was, in fact, a foodie at heart. And, even though I was a twenty-something, he took the time to invest in teaching our little group about the new things he was trying - we got specials from the house and not just to eat, but also to hear why he chose those things, or that preparation or what went into making a dish. J even cooked at the very first event that I hosted and had catered.

Eventually, J left for a Hyatt in DC, and 1910 eventually folded and was two new restaurants even in the time I still lived there. Today, I know (by my credit card statement) how much I enjoy food, but it was J that helped me discover it anew, for myself. He was the first who got me to start thinking about food in an entirely different way than I had ever seen. And, because food is one of my true loves, I am forever thankful to him.

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