Day 295. The Enabling One.

Ah, enabling! Well, I can tell you this isn't what you think! This past weekend, I had the joy of going to dinner to celebrate my friend Amy's birthday. I was excited about the event and the people but had never been to our dinner destination - Marcella's. People had said good things, but I didn't know too much about the place.

We sat down as a party of 12 and we were a handful. Let's just sum it up by saying that it started with 5 of us ordering drinks...and then promptly moving seats (after telling the server we'd all be separate checks); then, I ordered the most ridiculous custom drink based purely on one ingredient that I saw on the drinks menu (Aperol - but that's a story for another day), followed by the fact that every. single. time. our server came to the table with something, she got at least two requests for something else.

But, our server, (Libby - demand her!) was amazing. She never lost her cool. She was calm, she was prompt, she was accurate and she was darn tootin' sweet. We knew we were a crazy group, and had there been delays, mixups, or problems with the service or food, I think we would have all taken it totally in stride. Libby made sure none of those things happened. At the end of the meal, I found myself realizing how little I had felt like I was part of a big group on a busy Saturday night. I got the same kind of service that I would have expected had I been a party of two in the middle of the week when the restaurant was dead. Libby truly made sure that we enjoyed our celebration and never had to worry about the meal we were eating as part of the party. And she was adorable - never flustered, never appearing rushed, super cute and any expression of appreciation was met with gratitude and sweetness.

I rarely - RARELY recommend a specific place or person when it comes to where to spend your money but this one bears mentioning - the food was great and, Libby, for every time I told you Saturday that you were awesome - know that I meant it 100 times more :)

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