Day 293. The Artist One.

Let's cut to the chase - this is a blantant birthday wish for one Miss Amy Clark. Let us discuss the ways in which she rocks.

Seriously, I have known Amy only a short while, tho, the source of our connection is not too shabby herself (ahem, paging Anna C.!) and I should have known that Anna was right in building up Amy even before I met her.

I first got to hang out with Amy and her hubby at a YSC event, and we had a great time. There is something so liberating about being with people who just want to enjoy the moment. I feel that needs explanation - Amy and Alex know who they are - they are in touch with themselves, each other, and the moment. They are so strong in this skill that it frees them to live each second fully - whether we were eating brownies off of plates (with no hands), taking funny pictures, or dancing (even though noone else was), when you are with people who are living - there truly is nothing that is more fun, no matter what silly stuff you do.

Since this lovely first evening together - we've been able to hang out more, and my opinion of Amy has only gotten higher. She is someone who is following who and what she wants to be and it is such a true connection to her spirit. Amy does photography (puh-leez browse these pictures - you will melt) and I have also had a chance to have her take pictures of me. She can make you comfortable, and feel like you really are capturing a moment, or a feeling, not just a picture.

I think you guys know by now how I feel about those who are creative in the world - I truly revere them. Being with Amy just makes me want to understand how she experiences life - because it strikes me that its one of the most amazing, cool outlooks that exists.

You probably also know how I feel about birthdays - its the one day that belongs to YOU, its the one day when you DO deserve to be selfish, be celebrated, be lavished with love and fun. Amy, I hope your birthday is all that and more - I am thankful to have gotten to know you and I am thankful that you are who you are.

Now just go and get that hairstyle that looks like Nicole Ritchie.

LOVE YOU GIRL! Happy Birthday!

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