Day 292. The Big Ten One.

If you know me at all, you know that I lose my composure when it comes to sports - particularly college football and the Big Ten Conference. The season is, *sniff* winding down, and as crazy as it has been (NO the BCS still does not make sense, YES I'd have liked to see Boise State or TCU face off against a FBS team, NO ESPN should not have so much spin control over who should get the Heisman) I am realizing that soon I'll be stuck in the doldrums of no football to speak of.

So, after a Big Ten season that is complete with just one last game to go, I have to spotlight someone who got me through the season - and I didn't even know his real name till I started to write this. Its Tom Fornelli and I found him on Twitter, he goes by "BlogTen".

You know how there are times you search Twitter and you feel like "wow, I'm actually using this thing?" Well that's how I felt a few months ago, when the Buckeyes were home, or sometimes I was on my bike, and there were 3 other games all kicking at the same time as ours and I wanted to get the deets even if I couldn't be online (I'm obsessed, I already told you this). So you search Twitter for the #BigTen hash tag, and like doing this with any topic, you find some good peeps to follow and some bad, but BlogTen is, without question, the ultimate BigTen Tweeter. I don't know how he does it, but he keeps you up to date, with real updates to the split second on any and all BigTen games. Even if I was just trolling ESPN.com or other tweeters there's still no way I could keep the updates coming like he does. And real updates - names, stats, relevance of developments, interaction and Re-tweets with other tweeple.

Oh, and did I mention he's HI-LAR-I-OUS. Now, granted, its sports humor, but its FUNNY. And he's quick witted. I can't tell you how many times I read his tweets aloud during New's Years Day's bowl watching marathon. By the end of the day, the folks I was with would say "what did he say?" whenever my phone buzzed (yes, I get BlogTen tweets direct to my phone - he's that good).

Tom doesn't tweet about anything else - he's covered other college football games, but other than making a smart jab at a SunChips commercial that aired during the Fiesta Bowl last night (in which he *may* have revealed he has a girlfriend) there's not much else shared.

This guy is a heck of a resource for all things BigTen, but more so, what an example of a Twitter-er. He's focused, accurate, concise, funny and just plain good.

BlogTen literally increased my enjoyment of the college football season 100 fold and I will forever be grateful!

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