Day 290. The Non-Rushing One.

Long story longer, to get home at night, I have to turn right, and then a few hundred yards later, turn left into my community. The road I turn onto is a one lane road with a fair amount of traffic and we are close to a mall, so this time of year in particular, it is very crowded with very impatient people.

I kinda dread driving home during this time of year - between potential ice & snow, and the angry drivers, and my desire to simply be home, its no fun sometimes backing up quite a few cars as I wait for a break to turn into "home".

Well, the other day, with cars rapidly backing up behind me, and a line of cars blocking me going the opposite way, one very kind driver stopped, and allowed me to pull in. This small act that took only a few seconds gave quite a few people a quicker route to where they were going and I'm sure it alleviated more than one person's high blood pressure.

I know nothing more than the fact that it was a woman driving a red minivan. So that's all I can tell you about this person. But I appreciate that she took the time to think of others - quite a few others in fact, and that even for one moment she thought it was ok to put others' needs before hers (even if it was just to get somewhere a few seconds faster).

Thank you!

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