Day 289. The Store One.

Over the holiday, we were with my in-laws and we were in Stephen's home town which is a very small, very "old school" community. There literally still is a "Main Street" and, excepting the summer months, the town is home only to locals...many of whom have lived there all their lives and who have raised their families and built their life there. It could be easy to stereotype these people but I find that more often than not, their perspective and approach to life can ground one to what's really important. One such lesson we learned again on Christmas eve.

Christmas eve, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and I decided to walk Main St. to visit a few of the little stores that line the way. Many stores are "cutesy" boutiques that often, will last a few years until they find that their niche or prices doesn't sustain them based on tourist traffic that only exists a few months a year. We happened upon a little store, tiny but rich in its creative wares and warm, but not over pressuring owner. We bought a few things there and commented on how different, yet practical, so many items were. I've thought about that store quite frequently since our visit and I realized just how badly I want them to succeed.

Its the owner of that store I think of, and highlight today. The store is a realization of a dream that now balances the reality of having a business with still having a life. (Open the day-or weekend-after Christmas? NO. Time to be home with family)

How few of us follow an idea through from concept to inception? How many of us have a dream (little or big) and make it happen - even when examples of similar attempts, that are more often than not unsuccessful, litter the path in front of us? How many of us are confined by restrictions due to required money, or obligations or comfort/stres level? Often I wish I could be bold enough, confident enough to think that a tiny little seed of an idea I had is something that I could turn into reality.

When you walk around any business - realize that it started with someone taking some crazy leap of turning an idea into something that they had no guarantee would work.

I literally pray that this store is there when we return in the Spring. And I guarantee that I will make it a habit to go and shop there frequently - not only because i like the product, but because I believe in supporting this owner who is trying to make a dream into a reality.

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