Day 287. The Verifying One.

We live in America, and that means we each get to have our own opinion. I have always thought that is a good thing, the problem is, that sometimes, our opinions take over...and get stirred up and misconstrued as "truth" or, worse yet, they become weapons in a philosophical war instead of a building block for understanding and communication.

Yesterday, I was reminded how rich and refreshing it is to find someone who will seek out information first before jumping to conclusions. I'm not going into depth about the issue at hand because that is not what this post is about, what this post IS about is Jeff. Jeff is someone I know rather casually - but I have gained a bit of access into his life and I have always appreciated how he lives his life and what he shares about himself and his family. Yesterday, Jeff reached out to me out of the blue, to ask for information on something that he knows I'm familiar with. Its a touchy subject and so, I was particularly pleased to know that someone was seeking out the information about it before jumping to a conclusion. I wrote a rediculously long explanation to him and he received it gracefully.

I haven't really followed up on the issue since - and honestly, whether or not Jeff shares the same opinion as I do doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that Jeff is someone who cares enough to find out as much as he can about something before just running on hearsay or jumping to conclusions. This is one of the values I hold most dear in life.

Jeff could vehemently disagree with me for the rest of our lives (on this issue or any other) and honestly, I would love that because I know enough to know that Jeff is thoughtful in his opinions and positions. To know people like this is to ensure that you will always be able to back up your decisions about what you think and what you do. In my opinion, this is behavior to emulate. Period.

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Jeff said...

And thanks for the info! When you hear something that takes you aback, it's natural to fly off the handle. I try to remember that each person has their own agenda, and I should verify what I think I heard and understood.

Since I knew you might know a little something about this issue, I turned to the expert. Though what I heard was correct, its context changed how I felt about it somewhat.

Unfortunately, in this politically-correct charged climate, sometimes we are afraid to discuss matters when we have questions. We should be free to talk about anything.

Thanks for the info!