Day 285. The Ageless One.

Kay is a friend who lives in Munich who I met through one of those "friend of a friend" scenarios. We've barely had time to really connect and we've probably seen each other a total of a few days over the past few years and a few visits by me to Germany. But, Kay is still awesome and I know this for a fact.

First and formost, the fact that I consider Kay a friend is a testament to how welcoming he is to people and how kind of heart he is. If you saw Kay, this might not be your first impression. He exudes "cool" and lives the life a lot of guys dream of - great girlfriend, great condo, great car, great clothes, hip hangouts - you get the picture. But I feel like I know Kay to be a devoted person - devoted to who he is, to his friends, and to having a great time in life. I was reminded of this through one of those funny little random Facebook exchanges that happened last night through another of our mutual friends. We were joking about the validity of people over 30 being on Facebook (note: Kay and I are over 30, the other person, not so much...love ya, Jim). And somewhere along our pithy, silly little comments Kay said something to the effect that age is just a state of mind. Kay personifies this - talk about someone who enjoys life and wants to take you along for the ride...

Age is a state of mind. Right you are my friend. Right you are. Cheers!

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