Day 284. The Imperfect One.

Hey did you hear about Tiger Woods?

I know, I know. You're probably rolling your eyes right now. But the story of a random early morning accident followed by stalling the police and then ultimately an admission of an affair is everywhere. There's been a lot of discussion about "right" vs. "wrong" not only in the actual series of events but how the series of events was handled. The discussion has also move to whether we should even care or be made aware of anything other than Tiger's golf career. I've been thinking about that.

So, today, I am picking the unlikely candidate of Charles Barkley. Yep. Who knew? Sir Charles has certainly had his own set of issues. He is far from perfect. Here's the trick, and here's why I like him. He acknowledged both of those things early on. Some of you may be too young to remember his "I Am Not a Rolemodel" commercials for Nike. In my opinion, they didn't get enough air time. The message was clear - Charles (and Nike) knew he was a very good basketball player but that is where emulating him should stop. If you want to know how to live your life, how to interact with people, what morals to have, what to do with your money, do NOT look to Charles.

When you really think about our celebrity focused culture these days, and really think about what we think we have a right to know its crazy. Its also crazy to think about why is someone famous in the first place (i mean, c'mon, "being hot"? Is that really enough of a criteria? You have good genes?)

Anyway, I'm not defending Tiger in all that's gone down, nor am I blaming him. But we are expecting too much from some people for the wrong reasons. I urge you to consider thinking about your heroes as Charles Barkley advised - respect them for their unique talents but don't be lazy and use that as an excuse to think that a person is "perfect". And if you're blessed enough to be "talented" try focusing on only sharing that part of your life and reminding us that is the only area of your life to be studied. (I mean really, what does Tiger Woods have to do with selling Razors, really?)

P.S. I'm getting off my soapbox now
P.P.S. Special thanks to those on Twitter who engaged in debate with me about this. I enjoyed your points and perspective immensely. The way we were talking about this was not a simple thing

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