Day 282...Sort of...Breaking the Rules...

I feel like I am always rehashing this point of this blog. I feel like I am beating a dead horse when I so blatantly say that the whole point is to acknowledge those we love, respect, honor while they are here to receive the gift of our appreciation.

And then...well, life takes over. And one gets busy...and one (like myself) starts to search perhaps too much for who to write about next - who to thank next. This person is too famous, this person probably already gets so much praise...and then you remember that no matter what, no matter how "famous", no matter if someone knows you or not...tell them they mean something.

Tonight we lost someone who I have always loved so dearly for who she was and what she represented. Not only in terms of her fight against breast cancer but in terms of having one of the most amazing love stories I have ever known.

Tonight - I am sorry that I never acknowledged this person while she was here...maybe she would have never known that I wrote about her. But I would have known that I tried. Don't ever stop trying to tell those you love, appreciate, respect that you do so...

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