Day 281. The Chicken One.

This post will remain anonymous today. But I know someone who has recently taken a new direction in life. I don't know all the details as to why - but I do know that this person made a big difference in every path they have ever followed.

The recent times that had our lives intersect taught me that this person - a woman - is the epitome of women in leadership as I'd hope to see them: smart, passionate, strong, gets stuff done, eloquent, and all while wearing great shoes. During our time "Together" she brought hope, clarity and, at least for me, provided a sense of calm and direction in ever changing landscapes.

I know that she can, and has, made a lot happen in the world. I would argue she has also made a lot happen, even without trying, for women in the workplace.

I know that the only constant is change and so, while I am saddened to see new directions being forged, I am happy to have been aware of this person for even a brief time and I wish her all the best.

Sorry to be so vague - but in the off chance that this "One" does read this she'll know - and that's the point!

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ReMARKable Palate said...

How intriguing,...it's always interesting when you make us guess who..