Day 280. The Staging One.

So many moons ago I volunteered as the Race Chair for the Race for the Cure in Columbus Ohio. Its still one of the most fun, and most rewarding things I've done. You meet a lot of cool people and you particularly appreciate those who let you haggle them down to an insanely low price because you are a non-profit organization.

One of the coolest people I met was John Page. To meet John is just to meet this completely genuine, positive, nice person. He is a caring friend, father and husband. He'll spend time really getting to know you. He always comes into a situation with an open mind and a particular strength: he will always pay a compliment - just because he likes something that someone has done.

But John isn't just a good person - he is extremely talented "audio visual genius" (yes that's MY term LOL). John owns a company that does staging and event production. He did all our sound, staging, and production for the Columbus Race's for the Cure while I was chair and did many before my time and I hope will continue to do many more. John is often the missing piece in bringing a creative concept into reality. He'll figure out a way to get staging to represent a ring of hope. He'll move heaven and earth to get just the right kind of bleachers (that the City requires) so that our Survivors don't have to stand.

I've also had the opportunity to witness other events John has put on - and again, its nothing short of genius. He blends seamlessly into any event and makes it bigger and better.

I just saw John last weekend after far too long. He remains the tremendous visionary, friend and businessman as I knew him to be.

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