Day 278. The Multi-Tasking One.

You may or may not remember that when I came back from Europe in September I had a broken MacBook, an essential need for my computer, and two days to get everything fixed (and adjust to jetlag, and catchup on work, oh and prepare to ride 220 miles on a bike!)

My saint of a husband did a ton of coordination for me to help get appointments set up at the Apple Store so that we could a) get a new computer b) turn in the old one to get fixed c) get all the data converted from the old one so I could be up and running for the next day. So, already awake for 20+ hours, I headed to the Easton Apple store directly from the airport upon landing on Columbus.

To say I was not 100% present mentally would be an understatement. To say Apple hadn't been the most helpful to this point - again - an understatement. In fact, with Stephen scheduling so many appointments the store and different employees, had attempted to cancel one, if not all, of our concurrent appointments assuming we made a mistake.

Luckily the personal shopper assigned to us was the manager. When we walked up, he had the kind, unassuming look of a nice uncle. I immediately prejudged him to be another "brother geek" but someone just enjoying work at the Apple store. Boy was I wrong. This kind man not only knew everything and anything about all the Apples but he turned to out to be the person that had advocated for us even before we got there when people kept asking if they should cancel our duplicate appointments. He also talked with us a lot about customer service and how that was his primary focus and responsibility at the store. Working with someone who not only knew their stuff but valued the way in which business was transacted was exactly what cranky, tired, jetlagged Ali needed.

He even escorted us appointment to appointment and kept checking up on us throughout our visit. We got out of Apple in record time. With everything we needed and more.

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