Day 277. The Young One.

When I was working with a team of staff and volunteers this past year on the Swiss Race for the Cure, we were blessed to come across two women living in Zurich who were breast cancer survivors. One of them, a young, vibrant, amazing woman is called Pia.

Pia is the daughter of a survivor and now has battled the disease herself at too young an age. Yet she remains full of life and as so many young survivors have the skill to do, she has embraced life even more fully. She is so very passionate about raising awareness and support structures for people affected by breast cancer. She was our most constant contact to the Swiss Race throughout all our planning and implementation. On Race day, she rallied her own friends and family to come out and race or volunteer. She took on the least glamorous volunteer jobs with pride and positivity focused always on the bigger picture. And then she even was willing with her partner to be my chauffer all over Zurich during my stay there (not an easy task!)

You see, in Switzerland, cancer and awareness of the disease doesn't get the same treatment it does here. The Swiss are extremely private about their health and breast cancer is a taboo topic. To be willing to step up and lead the charge for this cause and be willing to say "I am a Breast Cancer Survivor" is not something to be taken lightly. It is Pia's belief in the cause, and dare I say in herself, that gives her a strength that truly impresses the heck out of me.

We're looking to make even bigger changes that will promise even bigger growth for the Race is Switzerland in the coming year...and I know we wouldn't even be thinking that we could do it without Pia. I'm so glad that we have become friends.

** the man in this picture is Peter, Pias significant other. Another truly amazing man. Every woman deserves to be treated the way Peter treats Pia.

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