Day 275. The Hugging One.

So yesterday was my friend Teresa's birthday. We went to see her for a celebratory drink (big deal - Stephen detached himself from the Yankee's game MID-game!) and as we walked in Teresa immediately jumped up to hug each of us.

I'm a big believer in hugs - thing is, that I'd rather not get a hug than get a fake one. You know the type, they never really touch you, or there is no feeling in them, or you feel like you're getting one for obligation. Yeah - skip those hugs. But a real hug? A real hug is just amazing. You feel loved. You feel appreciated. You feel connected. Well that's how Teresa hugs.

Teresa is someone I haven't known a long time - actually we bonded rather randomly dancing to bad top 40 music while avoiding having to play volleyball. And this was just a month or so ago. But we clicked. Teresa is warm, she is interested in getting to know you, and she is interested in building relationships and connections. At the very same time, Teresa has not an ounce of "fake" about her. She's real. She's really really real.

Every time we're about to see Teresa now, both Stephen and I comment before and after seeing her how much we enjoy her. And last night, Stephen said, "she just knows herself and she's comfortable with herself". When you see this in action you realize how rare it is. And I, for one, truly see now how liberating it is to be able to embrace life when you don't have to worry hyperanalyzing your own silly little things.

Happy belated birthday (again) my new friend, Teresa. You're a very good person

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