Day 274. The Marathon One.

Yesterday, Meb Keflezighi won the New York City Marathon. I recognize that marathon running doesn't top the headlines on the news or on ESPN, but if you follow running, this was a pretty cool thing. Many are touting this as exciting as the first time that an American has won the NYC marathon since 1982. But, for me, its so much more exciting simply because its Meb.

Meb has been a competitive runner for years. And, in my mind, he's had far too long a history of coming in second. In the 2004 Olympics, in countless other NYC marathons, he's been second or third. He's been always "almost there" but he's never won "the big one". Meb ran New York the year I did. So sitting in our hotel room that year it brought his story even closer to home.

Thing is, quite a few competitive runners will drop out of Races if they aren't in a money making position - its too much on their bodies (and too demanding a recovery) if they aren't going to get something "big" out of it. Meb has quietly soldiered on (he even had some press in a Master Card Commercial) working hard and waiting. Its this perseverance that i admire, and that meant the most to me out of all the other things people will say about his victory. Yay, Meb. I'm so excited for you that you now can bask in the glory you've worked so hard for and only watched from the sideline for far too long.

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