Day 273. The Oma One.

Oma means "grandmother" in German. Over 50 years ago, Stephen's Oma, on his dad's side, came over with her husband (from whom Stephen received his middle name and who many say Stephen reminds them of - high praise!) from Germany/Yugoslavia to start a new life path.

They settled in North Eastern Pennsylvania - Hawley, PA to be exact (30 minutes from Scranton, Office fans!) and started what was just a simple boarding house. Over the years, this boarding house grew to what is now Lukan's Farm Resort. The resort is still run by family, the recipes are still all Oma's, the family has all been raised to know and appreciate the value of hard work, the skills the family maintains and enjoys are the special things that many have forgotten, and, though not as frequently, at age 90+, Oma still goes to the Kitchen every day to watch over what she started.

I think its one of those rare things that comes with age, when you realize that you never appreciated your grandparents and all they can share. My grandparents are all gone so it had been some time since I had been around someone's older relatives. Its been a real treasure to spend time with "Oma" and see the ties that connect all that she has taught Stephen throughout his life...when he makes goulash, or my favorite tomato zucchini dish, its Oma's recipe in action. When I hear the stories that she will sometimes share, it gives me pause to realize how much life she has seen. I think its bizarre that when I was in college cordless phones were considered new technology, let alone cells, email and texting..imagine Oma's perspective on what has happened - what she has seen.

In this day and age, as we all disperse around the world, its easy to loosen the ties to our families. Its people like Oma the remind me of the value that lies in maintaining these connections. I am thankful for all that she has given to her family - she's helped to raise some of the most special people in my life today; I know she's also meant a great deal to so many guests over the years. For what Oma has given to so many, the least she deserves is my thanks and appreciation...

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nevrothwen said...

Again a great story Alison. It reminds me of my great-aunt, who helped raise her sister's (my grandmother) 7 boys when my grandmother got sick. She is also a great woman, very talented, whom I respect enormously.
Also wanted to say that oma is also Dutch for grandmother, and opa is grandfather.