Day 268. The Agitator One.

I like ice hockey. I like it a lot. (and, given the current antics of a certain prima donna college QB its a lot more satisfying then my Buckeye football this year, but I digress...)

Last year, towards the end of the season, the playoffs loomed and each game of my beloved Columbus Blue Jackets carried with it heightened excitement and intensity. I'm still learning the game and all its rules but one night, as I was watching the game, a certain player caught my eye: Derek Dorsett. The guy was playing his guts out.

Derek is quickly now becoming a young star for the Jackets and I love that. A recent article highlighting him talks about so many of the reasons I like him, so I will leave the minute details to the professionals (i.e. please go read article) but I will say this: Derek optimizes so many of the things I value most about the human spirit. When he is on the ice, he plays every second, and he plays HARD. He plays like its the very last chance he'll ever have to play again. He shows intensity, he is scrappy, he shows a belief in team AND in the power of one. Derek is *just* 22...and, although more and more of these amazing athletes is so many sports are now reminding me how old I'm getting, in this case, I am also in awe of the tenacity and work ethic that he can show at this age.

If you have ever heard me go on about sports (ahem, Brian!) or career you will know that what I value most is the intangibles - raw talent alone cannot make someone great.That's why I like Derek so much - I like what he's putting out there into the world and I hope its contagious for my Jackets and for everyone in pursuit of whatever they chose...

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