Day 265. The Marketing One.

Another story from the road...I was recently in Switzerland to help coordinate the very first Swiss Race for the Cure. It was a success and definitely a learning experience! This was on the tail end of some other European travels and I have to admit, as excited as I was for the Race I was also feeling a bit ready to be home and a bit lonely as the sole American in the circles in which I was running.

Luckily, Margo, from Susan G. Komen for the Cure joined me. Margo is the point person for all cause related marketing with Susan G. Komen. When you see the Komen ribbon on something, Margo probably made that happen and is successfully managing that relationship today. She is a powerhouse. She's my kind of girl: take no prisoners, brutal honesty, cut to the quick and don't waste time...find what you are enjoying and work the heck out of that, don't suffer needlessly.

Professionally - its easy to see her and be humbled. Sitting in meetings with her I was inspired, educated and in awe. Personally, she is even more impressive. I was happy to spend our free time together and feel like I really got to know her. We ended up having a lot in common: doing crazy endurance sports, working hard, living hard, enjoying shopping and good food. While i know that Margo's job has her travelling a million miles a year, and this was one more trip on her agenda, it was a real treat for me to get to spend time with her and get to know her better. I am thrilled that she is in the corner of the breast cancer community and I am thrilled that she's just out there in the world putting out her energy and smarts.

Margo took time away from her family, her training and her "normal life" to come spend a few days in Switzerland and spread the word that we can have a world without breast cancer and, in the mean time, show me just one more rediculously cool person that is out there. Margo - you rock.

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