Day 264. The Volunteer One.

We've finished! 3 days, 220 miles, over $6000 (so far!) raised by our team and almost $1 MILLION raised for the Young Survival Coalition. The riders on this event were amazing, but, I know, more than most, that things like this just don't happen without volunteers. People who take their personal time (or sometimes even work time!) and give it to help another. Volunteerism comes in all shapes and sizes...this weekend in came in everything from handing out room keys to making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...and on that note, speaking of good PB&J sammies, let me honor my friend Dinamarie.

Dinamarie is an amazing woman I met through the YSC. She gives so much of herself to the cause, and what I love about her is that what she gives is who she truly is. She is open, she is hilarious, she is smart. When she is volunteering, its kind of a treat to be with her - not even for the work she might be doing at the moment but because you get to spend time with her. And, as I mentioned above, the girl makes a damn fine PB&J - one of the best ever.

Whether we are discussing the virtues of a truly good PB&J, singing Jessie's Girl, kvetching about *something* or redefining the commercial for the "bumpit", Dinamarie makes it all worth while. Girl - you are a real treat and one of the great parts of the past weekend!

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