Day 263. The Partner One.

So yesterday was day one of our Tour de Pink ride...it was pretty brutal - even according to "real" bike riders who've done the Tour de France numerous times. (The wind was whipping around from every direction and riders who had done numerous training rides in excess of 110 miles said today's 90 miles were harder than any of those rides that were longer). I was pretty nervous as Anna has been sidelined with 3 broken ribs and I didn't know if I'd be able to make it all the way or who I'd ride with.

Luckily I found Anna's friend, Joy.

Joy and I are now bike buddies - and, we affectionately call ourselves "the caboose". I can proudly say that we never were the last ones into any rest stop or the finish tho and that's because we had each other. When one of us was getting tired, luckily the other was riding a burst of energy. While I could fly up the hills, Joy could fly down. We kept each other on pace, we kept each other company and we kept each other motivated. Its hard to have a really meaningful conversation while on bikes, but I now consider Joy a friend. She's an amazing cancer survivor, mother of two, wife and woman. She crushed every single mile yesterday and I know, that riding with her, I'm gonna be able to do this too.

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