Day 262. The Manager One.

So, the stories will filter in piece meal for you, but here's the summary version...when I arrived in Zurich from Munich during my travels, I had the oh so joyous occurrence that my wifi on my MacBook decided it didn't need to work anymore. This led to a 2 hour call with Apple Support which culminated in, after one of the many different types of restarts, my screen no longer working. This was NOT a good thing. I had 5 days left overseas and no way to be online to keep up with all my commitments. Apple Support was helpful and set up an appointment for me with the Zurich Apple store for the following day (apparently Apple, like McDonalds, is now Every-where)

I showed up an the Apple store, and found out, the "Drop in" appointment I had was not valid. I admit, I was under duress: in a foreign country, lacking in the language skills (I've got more German German than Swiss German under my belt) and trying not to completely freak out about my computer. I also was up against the Swiss culture. Europeans I have come in contact with have a much more balanced perspective on things than most Americans. They aren't all "Rush rush rush" all the time, and this is wonderful...except when you are urgently trying to get someone to help you fix your computer ;)

I guess my anxiety finally came across and I was introduced to Monica - the manager on duty at the Apple store. Monica talked through the symptoms and ended up making me an appointment for the following day with her "special manager privileges". Just knowing I was on the path to diagnosis and (hopefully!) computer recovery was a huge step. Monica's kindness, understanding and tolerance of the crazy American were amazing. Even when it turned out that my graphics card was busted and I was going to be computerless until I returned stateside, my calm and acceptance were rooted in Monica's setting the stage for my experience there at the Apple store.

Thanks, Monica, for taking the time to serve a customer - no matter how difficult!

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