Day 261. The Hustlin' One(s).

There were many people who could be the subject of this post, but I didn't want to cheat and use up like 30 days ;)

Yesterday, Stephen and I headed to Europe...well at least we tried to. First, our plane from C-bus was delayed for mechanical issues and then one on the tarmac, we were under a ground hold. Suffice it to say, that sitting in a plane for over an hour delay when you are trying to make an international connection is just a touch stressful. Stephen and I just said we knew we couldn't do anything to change the situation and whatever was supposed to happen, would happen.

Long story short, we landed in Dulles with exactly 26 minutes to make it to another terminal, and make our flight (and don't even get me started on the status of our checked bags). What impressed us, and bears the mention here is every single United Airlines employee who worked on our two flights today. The pilot from CMH flew faster than I've evern flown to DC. The staff greeting us knew the predicament many of us were facing, got us right off that plane, and wished us good luck. The gate agents at our connecting flight got us on board (I think they waited for us but I'll never tell ;) ) and, the baggage actually made it.

I've been on too many flight situations like this where exactly the opposite of each of these things happens. You can't get off the plane, they close the door on you, your baggage comes days later...every UA employee we interacted with conveyed with their actions that they were working hard and really wanted us (and our stuff) to get where we were going when we wanted to get there. That attitude not only got us here, but got us here happy. I'm not used to feeling cared for by an airline anymore, but after the past 24 hours, United, you rock!

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