Day 254. The T-Lo Ones.

Snarky can be good. Snarky can be really good - particularly when its really witty and will make you laugh. out. loud. (truly - we overuse this "LOL" thing - with what I'm about to share, I truly laugh aloud)

Allow me to introduce you to Tom and Lorenzo. They are just two guys who decided to start blogging about some of their passions - and this reached its zenith with Project Runway. I enjoyed Project Runway from the beginning - a reality show about fashion and the real skill, talent, art - and, ok, b**chiness - behind it was something I really enjoyed. So, being the geek I am, I sought out a place where people were talking about it...and I found Tom and Lorenzo.

I must tell you, that their comic genius is truly reaching new heights this season. Maybe its because we had to wait so long for Project Runway to come back, maybe its because they are just getting better, who knows but, if you love this show like I do, and haven't seen this site - or this post in particular (make sure you read the Nina part) - let me tell you, you are missing out.

So let's hear it for comic genius. Let's hear it for people who can remind us ALL to never take things so seriously. As a side note, T&L often do critique other fashion, and even their critiques of the PR designs, though swathed in irony, are often spot on and teach me new things about fashion every time I read them. I get excited to see a T-Lo post show up in my RSS reader, and, if you are ever looking for something fun, and you share the interests of these two, trust me, you won't be disappointed.

*please note that some of the content of T-Lo's blog is NSFW

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