Day 253. The Acting One.

My sweet cousin, Kristen, came for a visit a few weeks ago. She came for a time to be with family before she heads off to an extremely prestigious acting conservatory in New York. Its a really cool thing that she's been invited and the way in which she was selected is pretty cool - by the conservatory's founder herself.

The visit with her was so much fun. We shared what's going on, we reminisced about our lives together, we made fun of each other, we shared memory after memory about what it meant, and still means, to grow up as a child in our family. It was fantastic.

Kristen is "much" younger than me ;) and it is so exciting to me to watch her life blossom as it still is. Its also so meaningful to me to have her as a permanent piece of my history and my life. Being with her flooded my soul with all the reasons why its so important to keep connected with your family - however you define it, and however big or small that is.

Best of luck to you, sweet K, and I'll see you in a month in the Big City! (don't forget what we taught you about subways :) )

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