Day 252. The Training One.

This is a quick little one - about a very BIG person - Shaquille O'Neal. Not gonna go on and on about his personal life or tremendous athletic talent, but I am going to talk about his latest endeavor, Shaq Vs. This is a little summer show on ABC that has "Shaq" getting ready for his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers by cross training in a rather extreme way - challenging the premier athletes in sports other than his own (Basketball) to a match up. I have since learned that the idea was not his own (apparently it belongs to Steve Nash and this may cause some "challenges") but Shaq's the one doing it, and here's why it deserves mention.

First of all, the show is fun. Its good, clean, family fun. Second, its a pretty cool look into athletes' lives and, without getting too meta, it shows how unique the professional athlete personality is - competitive about everything, always looking for the edge. Third, I think its very impressive of Shaq to put himself out there like this - showing that he's not good at "everything" and allowing himself to be humiliated (watch the most recent epi with Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh and I'm sure you've also seen some "after" photos on line). Also - while wrapped in fun and teasing, I think its pretty darn cool that this show is giving the spotlight to some sports that aren't "most popular" and, at the same time, showing that all professional athletes are amazing and talented - their differences are often only the sport they choose.

So, while its mindless summer fun, I applaud Shaq and encourage you to check out this show. Its doing a lot of good for all sports - thanks for that, Shaq!

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