Day 251. The Gamblin' One.

I mentioned earlier the super fun dealer that we had during our "Casino Experience" during my sister-in-law's birthday party.

By the end of the night, the gang was having so much fun that they even made me lose my blackjack virginity and play at the table. I sat down next to Heather, (SIL's sister-in-law via her hubby) who immediately started spewing off blackjack advice, terms and interjections like an old pro. The funny thing is, she just learned how to play a few hours earlier from Stephen and from our dealer.

And that's why Heather is fantastic. She grabs life with both hands full - she lives the heck out of every minute. She's 100% welcoming and is always looking for the fun and the joy in a moment. I realized over the weekend that this was the first time I was hanging out with all my SIL's (and their SIL's :) ) without their kids - and it really let me get to know them even better - in a totally different way. Heather's personality just magnified and became brighter. She knew just how to egg everyone on - she knew just how to play a joke - and she made sure that everyone around her was having a great time.

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