Day 250. The Yippee One.

I have talked before about the amazing group of friends that Stephen has. The benefits for me have been huge in not only getting to be friends with these cool guys, but also to build relationships with the women they've each chosen to spend their lives with.

One of Stephen's friends, D, holds a special place in my heart - he's got a passion for living and a passion for the outdoors and adventure, and his personality can't be beat. The girl he chose (and boy is he lucky!) Nan, turned out to be even more amazing. First of, the girl is undeniably, out of this world beautiful. Inside and out. Second, she's come through life always growing and improving and giving. Finally, can I just tell you that their wedding, hands down, goes down as one of the all time most beautiful, and most meaningful weddings I've ever been too (and, continuing a theme - Nan = most gorgeous bride ever)

We don't get to see each other much - they live in Colorado (green envy monster seethes inside of me) - but when we do, with both of them, I find I can fall into quality conversation right away. I always am so excited to see them and keeping up with Nan and her family is one darn good reason to be pro-Facebook - even when everyone is taking quiz after quiz ;). So, today, Nan outted herself. Well, either that or my stalking had not been thorough enough, because I found her blog for the first time.

Let me just say - this is a good read. Nan is hilarious, SMART, thoughtful, honest and compelling. I love what she says and how she says it. Nan has a two year old sweet sweet boy and a baby girl on the way and I was so engulfed in all she had to say about that experience and what it has done to her and who it has made her. I love what she chooses to share. I feel as though she articulates so well what people my age are going through as mothers, or fear about becoming mothers.

I read every single post today (sorry, Nan, you officially have a stalker) and I am more in love with my friend then ever. Honestly, her writing has me humbled and rather intimidated to ever write another post again, shes that good. I'm so excited to find another cool way to stay connected with our friends...just my good fortune that its made of such high quality and heart.

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