Day 249. The Poker One.

This past weekend we had such a blast celebrating my sister-in-law's 40th birthday. Let me tell you, my brother-in-law cooked up quite the surprise - it was wonderful. We ended up at a resort in French Lick, Indiana (yes the "I got licked!" jokes flowed fast and freely) and after hanging out all afternoon, and enjoying dinner, we headed to the Casino.

The boys of our group (and for these purposes I use "boys" not "men"!) all seemed pretty familiar with all the different games - craps, blackjack, poker...but the girls were all novices. Because Stephen is a blackjack addict, oh, I mean, um, afficionado, pretty soon we were all gathered at the table at which he was playing. He got his sister (the birthday girl) playing and then shortly thereafter, got one of her sister in laws, to join him.

These people played from 9pm - 1am. We watched. We all had a blast. One of the major reasons for this was our dealer, Jerry. Jerry was unbelievably awesome. I have been in Vegas a few times and always find myself intimidated by the dealers (this may have something to do with my ability to spill a drink all over the first table I sat down at...genius) but I have always felt that dealers, because they had to be, were standoffish, and understandably irritated if a bunch of silly girls who just wanted to play a hand or two would come sit at their table.

Not Jerry. Jerry was awesome - he taught all of us etiquette of the game, basic rules, gave tips without doing things he's not allowed to do, and gently kept us in line when we wanted to do something we couldn't. (No Steph, no matter how nice we ask he's not going to let us take a picture of us all sitting at the table ;) ) Jerry also paid attention to us as people - making little jokes based on what we were saying - joining in the ongoing humor of the evening and contributing to the Birthday fun.

I know a lot of this is his job - and I know that people like us are a dime a dozen at a casino, but, like I said, dealers I had interacted with before never made it seem fun to lose a whole lot of money and never made you feel comfortable playing the game. Plus, I get the vibe that that is just who Jerry is - a pretty cool guy.

I wasn't allowed to tell Jerry that he'd be in here - can't give them any cards or anything - but perhaps, luck will come out on my side and he may find this some day.

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